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Good job, Arnold.


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  • Good job, Arnold.

    I saw on another forum where California governor Arnold (wont attempt last name) veto'd a bill allow illegals to get a drivers license. Obviously this won't stop them from driving, but atleast it shows the government doesn't condone it.

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    I think that was a smart thing for him to do. Also, illegals can't vote for him so if he would of signed it, the legal public would be ****ed and no re election for him.
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      Originally posted by DUI_eliminator
      His days are numbered here in CA. He is really ****ing off the cops, fireman and teachers. These are the people who put him where he is, now he is trying to screw with our pensions and unions. He also cut billions from the schools and increased class sizes.

      All of these politicians are about special interests. I don't care what party they are from....they can't be trusted or believed. Arnold is pushing to be president of the US in my opinion and is trying to be everyones friend.....even though he wasnt born in the US, I can see him trying to get that changed. That just opens up a whole other can of worms.
      I know he's not the most popular when it comes to other issues, but I think his stance on Illegal immigration is great.(from what I know.)


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