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The cops and the guns


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  • The cops and the guns

    I watched the saddest thing last night. It was about two cops . They were at the station. They got to kidding around and drew their guns on each other. Well, one of the guns went off, killing the other cop. The cop that shot him was, of course, horrified. He said, "I went from being a cop one day and th next day, I'm handcuffed and led to jail."
    I don't know what happend to him from there. This apparently wasn't recent.

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    Saw something on the internet a few days ago which may be the story you are thinking of.

    It happened in Sydney, Australia, in January of last year. The officer who fired the gun said he thought the other officer had unloaded it. He is to be tried for manslaughter.

    I hope this is the same story and not two separate similar incidents.


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      No, this was several years ago. We also had another really sad case awhile back. A rookie trooper went over to his brothers house in uniform to show him he was officially a trooper. He went to shoe him his gun and it accidentaly discharged, going through a wall and killing his newborn nephew.
      It was so sad....I just wonder how good people who mistakenly do these things survive it. I just know that trooper probably will never get over it.


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        Just goes to show them gun's be dangerous.

        Even trained proffessionals (well, I don't know how professional playing quick-draw in a mirror is ) can have serious accidents.
        Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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          Well, I guess it happens. One of our deputies "killed" a Xerox machine while just fooling around. A new reserve deputy (while drunk) was playing “Russian Roulette” and paid for it with his life. I'm sorry, but guns are NOT toys and folks who handle them should be adult enough not to "play" with them.

          I don't have much patience with stupidity, and "playing around" with a gun is the height of stupidity.
          6P1 (retired)


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            I agree completely. I learned from the time I was allowed to handle a gun (with supervision) how many "unloaded" guns kill people.

            I do some teaching of Security Guards for armed carry, and assist my dad with his CHL classes on the range. I am a very cut-up fun loving guy, but on the range or handeling guns in the classroom no BS is tolerated.

            This is explained before class, but I end up booting a student about every fourth class.

            I am also amazed how many people want to show me their gun when they discover I am ex-LE, trainer, etc.
            "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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              It angers me when people disrespect firearms. The basic principles of gun handling (keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction; keep your finger off the trigger unless firing) are not complicated.
              "The right of the people to bear Arms...shall not be infringed."


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                I hate the words "the gun accidentally discharged"
                horse hocky someone was screwin around and pulled the damn trigger.
                You dont accidentally disharge a gun!!!!!!!!!
                if a brother officer wants to see my gun or I want to show him something about my gun I unload my weapon and leave the slide to the rear and show the other officer that the chamber is empty before handing it to him, otherwise my gun does not come out of the holster unless I NEED it.
                "But officer, that stop sign is usually not there!" It appears as though it is there today ma'am!


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                  We have a neighbor whom I think is obsessed with guns. He's a really nerdy type and I think he thinks guns make him look better and more macho.
                  One day, when several of us were outside, some with their kids, he pulls this small gun from his pocket. It was about as big as his hand. Hesays, "Watch me hit the stop sign". Well, it irked me that he pulled a gun out in front of kids. What irked me evn more is he pointed it sideways, like you see them in the movies. I said, "Excuse me....But I'm not comfortable with that gun." He proceeds to twirl it to show me to show me it was safe. That REALLY irked me.
                  I told him if he wanted to act tough and macho, he could do so around HIS family, not MINE. I also told him that he was the type of person that was going to end up in jail and in the newspaper because he plays so stupid.
                  He got furious and left. GOOD!
                  Still ticks me off when I think of it.


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                    Mitzi showing a gun out in public like that can get a person into trouble. If one of my neighbors came out of their house with a gun in hand or pulls a gun out while their are children around is gonna get a visit from the local police. Guns and children do not mix especially in this day of age. The fact that he was twirling it shows how much he lack in brains. I would have called the law if I was you. I agree he is just a accidental shooting waiting to happen.

                    Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                      Originally posted by klar:
                      "Guns and children do not mix..."

                      I don't agree. I know a 9-year-old I'd trust with a gun and a 42-year-old I would not. Mental stability and maturity are not magically bestowed on us at the age of 21, as Mitzi's neighbor illustrated so clearly.
                      "The right of the people to bear Arms...shall not be infringed."


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