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    A few years ago, a motorist broke down on a brand-new bridge. It was daylight, full sun. An officer stopped to help him when this dump truck came up on them. I don't know how this could have happened but the dump truck went up over the cruiser and the disabled car in the emergency lane, killing the man who's car had broken down. The police officer managed to jump out of the way.
    The police cruiser was unrecognizable. It was unbelievable how it had just been crushed to smithereens. That cop was one lucky fella.
    I know the driver was not arrested so it wasn't DUI. A moments distraction, maybe?
    I would imagine whe uyou guys works accidents or disable cars on the Interstate, where cars go so fast, you must feel pretty vulnerble to all kinds of bad drivers out there.

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    I HATE DOING TRAFFIC STOPS ON THE FREEWAY!! Sitting on the side of a freeway, Interstate, or any high speed highway, is extremely dangerous. My hats off to the CHP, other state troopers/highway patrol, and anybody else who has to work on the side of such highways (that includes the highway workers too).

    While visiting Canada last summer, I rode along with a Mountie-friend. In the middle of the shift, he got dispatched to assist another Mountie on a fatal traffic collision. It occurred on a major four lane divided highway, where the posted speed limit is 110 km/h (just under 70 MPH) if I remember correctly.

    The driver of a minivan had let the vehicle drift off towards the right shoulder, where it struck another vehicle that happened to be stopped there. The driver of the second vehicle was immediately killed, and the driver of the minivan and his family had to be transported to the hospital.

    The saddest part is that the accident occurred in a rural area, and the car on the right shoulder was probably the only such vehicle on that highway for many miles in each direction.


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      It happens everywhere. One of the most bizarre that I saw was down in California's Imperial Valley. Two Mexican Nationals were N/B on Hwy 86 ("The Killer Highway") when they decided to stop and answer natures call.

      They pulled completely off the highway, into the barrow ditch. They were both standing on the right side of their car, away from the highway.

      A produce truck runs off the highway and overturns on the barrow ditch embankment. Killing both of these guys. They were literally "squashed by squash!"

      A few miles further north, in the town of Coachella, a city officer was on a traffic stop. Drunk driver in an 18 wheel hay hauler rammed the back of his stopped radio car, pushing it into the violator’s car. The officer was doing an FST on the driver at roadside. Neither were hurt!
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