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Franklin County Jury Clears Officer In Civil Lawsuit


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  • Franklin County Jury Clears Officer In Civil Lawsuit

    Yesterday a Franklin County jury cleared a Reynoldsberg Police Officer by a 7 to 1 vote. He had been sued by the family of a 15 yr old youth he was forced to shoot when the kid had led police on a short chase and then when stopped gunned the car and tried to run down the officer.
    The kid died has a result of the shooting.

    This was a clean shoot and when it was presented to the Franklin County Grand Jury after the incident they ruled the shooting justified but the family sued anyway.

    The grandmother after yesterdays verdict said " The officer never even apologized"

    Hell the family never apoligized for the kid almost running down an officer in a car he had stolen from a family member.

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    Thats one thing I really hate about issues like that. Everyone thinks they're s**t don't stink, so there is no reason to own up to the mistakes they made...
    Of course if the kid had run the officer down and killed him, they might...and I repeat...might have apologized then, possibly, someday, perchance.
    "We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?"


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      I feel strong that no matter how bad I would have felt that I shot a minor no matter how justified that I would never apologize to a family. They would only take that as an admission of wrong doing.


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        Bodies last post is an interesting one that we ALL hope to never have to figure out how we would handle it. BUT there might be a safe way to apologize to the family of some turd that we had to shoot. I dont know, just throwing that thought out here.
        I got nothing for now


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          Apology- An acknowledgement expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offense.

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            e man there is no "safe way" to apologize to a family of idiots that thinks their idiot relative should not have been shot.


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              Of course if the kid had run the officer down and killed him, they might...and I repeat...might have apologized then, possibly, someday, perchance.[/QUOTE]

              Nope..........they would just have said the officer should not have been standing in the way.....
              What we are dealing with here.......is a complete lack of respect for the law (Sheriff Buford T. Justice)


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                Going to court is only a bad thing if you done something wrong, other wise it is just a way for both sides to get stuff out in the open and clear the air.
                When things are never brought out into the open for everyone to see, covered up or just not put out in the open people get angry and think cover up even if nothing was done wrong.
                Take every opportunity to clear the air of such things and there will be fewer vengeful people out there.

                thats what courts are for.
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                  I totally agree with Bodie. I refuse to apologise for saving my own life.


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                    A 7 to 1 vote?

                    Who thought the officer should have been ran over... At least 7 people are not complete idiots.

                    That is what scares me about Jurys... If it had been 4 idiots instead of one we have an officer charged with murder for saving his own life and doing what he is trained to do....
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                      Agree with Bodie on this one. Maybe - I'm sorry your grandson made me do what I had to do.



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