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  • Graveyards question

    Well, I just got my schedule. I will be working 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM

    4 tens.

    Here is my question to anyone that has worked graveyards, especially those that have worked 4 tens.

    What is it like on your days off? Do you try to go back to a regular schedule of sleep, or do you stay up all night even on your days off. This question really applies to those with families. I am just curious what it is going to be like.

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    it'll suck!!! i worked the regular 8 hr shift, from 2200 to 0700, my wife threw a fit if i didnt go to bed when she did, the first night of days off, i would lay in bed wide awake till around 0300 or so then get up around 0700 or 0800, by then i was so tired by the next night, i would fall asleep pretty easy, but the next night i went back to work, i would drag *** for 2 or 3 days till i readjusted, this is no way to live, so there really isnt a good answer to this, i just hope you have an understanding wife,
    we rotated shifts every four months, how often do you rotate?


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      I worked graves for my first 5 years. I always worked out after work and went to sleep after that. On my days off, I tried to keep a variation of the same schedule. I would usually go to bed around 0300 so that I was awake when my kids came home from school.

      The most difficult time I found was when the kids weren't in school or the wife was home. Despite their best intentions, they were NEVER quiet long enough.

      I would suggest darkening your room, learning to sleep with earplugs or having a box fan running for the white noise. It seems to help..

      good luck
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        To make things worse, I have a baby coming anyday now. In 6 weeks when my wife goes back to work, I will be taken care of the kid during the day

        I am not sure what my actually shift will be yet. This is just the start of my FTO. So, I will find out in 13 weeks or so, when I come off FTO.

        And AZ, I already plan on sleeping in the basement where it is darker. ANd, I sleep with a fan now, so that will help with the noise, and a nice cool breeze
        If you ever have sprained ankle, give me a call.


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          Graves is a hard shift to work. I also worked 4-10's. On my last shift I would sleep for about 4-hrs, make myself get up and go to bed with the family later that night. On my first day back I would stay up the whole day and go to work. Luckily, it is busy working in Vegas so I did not have down time to realize how tired I was. I hope you are getting more money to work that shift, it is a hardship on your life. Good Luck!


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            Originally posted by DaveinUtah
            To make things worse, I have a baby coming anyday now. In 6 weeks when my wife goes back to work, I will be taken care of the kid during the day breeze
            I know what that is like. Good luck!!


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              I worked either 2300-0700 or 2400-0800 my last 2 yrs in the city. On my days off I troed my darndest to stay up till at least 0200 maybe 0300. Wife got kids and stuff ready so I coulda t least sleep in alittle bit. On work days I got home I would stay up for about an hour getting off to laalaa land about 9am. It would really stink if I had court till 9 or 10am then I get to bed at 11 or so and again be up by 4 pm latest I couldnt stay asleep past 3:30 or so if my life depended on it so I unfortuanately got used to about 6-6.5 hours sleep. WEll I was able to help that alittle bit in the city as we usually had a uh place to go and take care of things...I rotate monthly now so it takes about a week or 2 to get used to it again but by the 3rd week Iam ok all shift.
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                Sounds like fun times ahead of me. Thanks everyone.
                If you ever have sprained ankle, give me a call.


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                  During your work week DO NOT go to bed as soon as you get home. This way your not dragging arse quite as bad at the end of your shift. Stay up for at least an hour or two after you get home. On your Friday DO go to bed as soon as you get home. However, sleep only around 5 hours. That way you'll be tired at about a normal time that night and then you can slep normal hours on your days off. Then, try to catch about a 2 hr nap just before you go back to work. That will help you get through your Monday.

                  This has worked pretty well for me for the last 4+ years.
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                    Graveyards are THE best. Our graveyards hours are 2330-0730, with 6 day on duty, and three days off duty. Usually by the time I end up off duty, I'm wide awake. The way I got adjust to it is:
                    Last day at work: Get home by 0815 a.m. stay awake until 1030, go to bed by 1100-1500, wake up at 1530, and usually I stay awake until 0330.
                    First day off: Sleep until 0830; wake up at 1100; stay awake until 0530.
                    Second day off: Sleep during the day, stay awake during the night, until at least 0230.
                    Third day off: same thing sleep during day, awake during night.

                    But also, in consideration, I've been on this shift for approximately 4 months now counting FTO and everything.


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                      on first day of 3 off. napped and stayed up all day
                      second day of 3 off. up during the day
                      third of 3 off. up most of the day, napped and off to work..

                      while at work, no problems. graveyard is usually a fun time to work...

                      did nearly 7 years of that... glad that's over with.
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                        I feel your pain

                        My wife and I are in the same boat. I work nights (6p-6a, 2 on/2off) and my wife, who's a nurse, works days. We have an 18mo old son.

                        Fortunately, my parents live close and my wife drops him off in the morning on her way to the hospital (she usually leaves before I make it home). If I have to work the next night, I sleep through the day and my wife picks up our son on her way home. I'm usually gone before she makes it back to the house (she also works 12hr shifts). If I don't have to work that night (like tonight), I'll sleep for a few hours, then pick up our son.

                        I try and go back to a "day" schedule on my off days, just so I have more family time and to take a little bit of the burden off my parents.

                        On Monday (I go back to work at 6p), I'll get up in the morning around 8 or 9, then take my son to my parents around 1p. I'll come back home and sleep for about three hours, before getting ready to go in.

                        It's a bitch, but kind of needs to be done that way. Good luck.
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                          Dave, you'll have to work at it and take things a day at a time.
                          My guy works 10-6 and it never fails, the days that he needs his sleep are the days the mower guys are outside the apartment for hours, the neighborhood kids are playing right outside our bedroom-you name it, it'll keep him up. The worst days are days with appointments, meetings, where it's too close to the time to try to sleep and then he's too wired afterwards to go back to bed.

                          Best of Luck-hope you're able to find a happy medium!


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                            Originally posted by DaveinUtah
                            To make things worse, I have a baby coming anyday now. In 6 weeks when my wife goes back to work, I will be taken care of the kid during the day
                            Well you definitely need an understanding wife.

                            But I think your biggest problem is your wife going back to work with a 6 week old at home.

                            ...but that opens up a whole other can of worms.


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                              When we're on nights (14 hour shifts 1700-0700), while on shift, I go home in the morning, pack 2 yr old son off to nana and poppa's house, go back home, walk the dogs, then ready for bed by 10am, up by 3pm, off to work by 4pm.

                              My first day off, I go home, stay awake and sleep when the kid does (usually about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon), then crash early at night (around 9pm).

                              Best advice, since you're going to be working and looking after the newborn....nap when the child does.


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