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anybody using road runner cable modem?


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  • anybody using road runner cable modem?

    how do you like it compared to AOL and/or earthlink?

    do i need to subscirbe to a separate ISP if i use RR, or do i use internet exp? (ie: AOL, earthlink, juno etc...)

    how many email accts are included with their most basic acct plan?

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    I don't have it, but my brother does, and he hasn't had any problems with it. With cable, your ISP is the cable company, so that monthly fee you pay is all inclusive. That means you can use any web browser you wish (IE, Netscape, Gozilla), and any mail client (Outlook, Lotus, etc.). As for email accounts, I don't know, but I would assume somewhere in the single digits above 5.
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      I have it and it works great. Faster than anything else, but can slow down a little during high usage times. Don't get it, you will be spoiled and never want to go back.


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        Originally posted by Sam:
        Don't get it, you will be spoiled and never want to go back.

        I love it. If there is a chance that you will not have it in the future and will have to go back to dial up..... stay with dial up. It is very fast.
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          I have it too. RR is your ISP but you can use an alternate service as well, like AOL as a backup. You can use IE, Netscape, or any browser you choose to gain access to the Internet. RR is fairly stable, I did have some connectivity issues with my wiring and modem, I think they're fixed now. Very few crashes.

          RR gives you 5 account names, the master and 4 spares.

          You will also receive cable TV with the RR, it all travels down the same line. If you're already a cable subscriber, they may give you a break on the monthly RR fee, they do in my area.

          The down side is that since it all goes down the same cable, if a portion of your neighbors have cable and/or RR, you will see some degradation in performance when a bunch all log on at the same time.


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            i dont plan on moving out for at least another year or two, so ill cross that bridge when it comes.

            i have two computers that are internet ready, with cable, can they both be online at the same time (this will be the deal closer)?

            im paying for two ISP's (AOL and earthlink) and two separate phone lines...and i dont even have cable tv to watch!!!

            so i figure if i get the cable modem, ill cut back to one bill a month, get faster service, and get cable TV...all for about the same thing im paying now.


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              one more thing...

              what kind of hardware will i need to buy with RR? how hard is the install, im pretty much a novice when it comes to computers.


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                I have it and love it. The cable company installed it for me. I didn't have to do a thing. I don't recall if they charged me for any parts. I know they had to run a line to th back of the house. Just make sure you computer is cable ready but I think more are. If you don't know, call the cable company. My computer just flies.
                My H wants to hook my computer up to the free DSL line he gets with his company. It's up to him because it would save money. But, I am apptenehsive because I love my cable so much. My H is good on the computer but not what makes it run so I'm apprehensive.
                I love my cable.


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                  Originally posted by 10-13:
                  one more thing...

                  what kind of hardware will i need to buy with RR? how hard is the install, im pretty much a novice when it comes to computers.

                  You shouldn't need to buy anything for RR, they'll provide the wiring, modem, and do the install. They should leave you the setup disk afterwards so that you can recover in the event of a severe crash.

                  Both machines can be online at the same time if you do one of the following:

                  Buy the additional wireless option from RR and pay an additional monthly access fee.

                  Build your own network #1. If you have Win 98 SE or better, you can connect the two computers through ICS, Internet Connection Sharing, built in to Win 98 SE. This will require both machines to be in close proximity and will require additional wiring between the two. The shorter the wiring run, the better performance. (Be aware that RR can charge you an additional fee if they find out you're sharing a single connection.

                  Build your own network #2. Buy a wireless kit (USB preferably), install the software to the host machine and that to the secondary and within minutes, you can be up and running on both. Dependent on some factors such as number and thickness of walls between the two machines, you should be able to setup the secondary anywhere else in the home and have access. General reception distance is about 300 feet from the host, subject to obstructions blocking the signal.

                  Special considerations for cable: You MUST have a firewall, either software or hardware. You will have an "Always On" connection even when your machines are shutdown, your connection is still active. It's only a matter of time till your machine is hacked or worse w/o a firewall. ZoneAlarm is a good firewall, FREE for personal use, and easy to setup. If you opt for the wireless setup, your router will most likely include a built-in physical/hardware firewall. Buy only a system that does and still use a software program as well. If you go wireless, there are some security considerations you'll need to know to prevent others from stealing your bandwidth.

                  I have both of mine on a USB wireless network, built in physical firewall, ZoneAlarm on one machine, Nortons' Internet Security suite w/firewall on the other. My wireless system is D-Link and in all honesty, I could NOT recommend it for others. I've had several problems in setup and connectivity, the setup instructions suck, help files are non-existant, ....

                  I understand that Syslink makes a reliable USB system, there's some others whose names I can't recall (too damn early and only 1 cup of coffee so far).


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                    I have had RoadRunner for over 2 years now, and would be lost without it. I frequently download from the Internet at speeds of 250kb/sec and faster. Back when I had dial-up, I was lucky to download at 5kc/sec. If there is ever a chance that you won't keep RoadRunner, then you shouldn't get it.... because you will get spoiled. The last person answered some of your questions about hardware, but the main thing to keep in mind is that what is provided varies by area. For me, they gave me the modem, and "free installation". The "free" installation ment that I put the disc in the computer myself and hit the "install" button. If I wanted them to install it, they wanted $99.00.

                    The biggest drawback is the price. My current cable bill is $120/month. Now.... this includes Digital cable (300+channels), and the roadrunner, but it is very high. I have a "package" (the "High speed" package - it may not be available in your area), which saves me some money over purchasing all of my channels and roadrunner separately. Overall, just remember.... you will get spoiled. Make absolutely sure that you are planning on keeping it forever.
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                      10-13, I went and picked up the "Self Install RR kit" at the local cable office. Unless your cable tv is in the same room as your computer, it is NOT easy to install. By picking it up myself, I got the first month free and $20 towards the 2nd month. I called cable and had them come to install it and it only cost me $20 to do so. They did everything and even installed all the software. You do not need a separate ISP if you have RR. You can still use AOL messenger and any other messenger svcs or choose to keep a cheaper package w/AOL if you want to. It's great and FAST!! Well worth it. I pay $33/month. Was paying almost $30 w/AOL and still had to dial up.
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                        My computer is not in the same room as the TV.


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                          Mitzi, I wanted the job done right. I didn't want to see cable draped through the rooms. They did a professional job and drilled thru the wall and tacked it down so it can't be seen. To me, that was well worth the 20 bucks. The thought of me using power tools, is too scary to think about.
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                            Mitzi, they will put it in any room no problem. We have three computers on one line and they all are fast as lighting.


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                              I had roadrunner and loved it. My new apartment though doesnt have a cable hookup in the 2nd bedroom, my office, so I have to get Zoomtown from Cincinnati Bell [Frown]
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