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where to find grants/scholarships?


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  • where to find grants/scholarships?

    help... a coworker who worked in job placement/educational fields for years says there is *definitely* money out there, especially for women in non-traditional fields (or, like LE in my area--There's one other woman in the entire county, she will be the FIRST FT female deputy *ever* in the history of the County if she goes FT...)

    At any rate, where would I start the search?

    I'm specifically looking for scholarships or grants for training (on my own time/own dime) and equipment.

    thanks in advance for any leads you might have

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    I don't know of any for the purposes you're describing, but I have a suggestion.

    We had a female officer we wanted to send to a specialized course for female officer survival. We hit up the local womens club for money and they were happy to put some bucks out.

    Might consider something similar.


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      Try your local library. They may have a reference book listing grants and scholarships available for education.

      Otherwise, make a call to the local high school guidance counselor. I'm sure that person knows where to look.

      Good luck.
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        http://www.fastweb.com is very fast and convenient.
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          I received a scholarship through a program called New Choices/New Options. This is a program designed to give opportunities to people interested in non-traditional careers for their gender. I don't know if this is a nationwide program or not. Also, Raychel's suggestion, www.fastweb.com, is an excellent suggestion. Also, just take an evening and search the net. They have scholaships available for people who are left handed so you know they have some available for us fearless females!! Good luck, and welcome to the board (I know I'm a little late on the welcome [Wink] )


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