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Scientists discover 10th planet


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  • Scientists discover 10th planet

    I don't have a link, but I have it from a reliable source that a 10th planet, that orbits he sun every 288 years or so, has been discovered. Anyone hear of this?

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    Yes, I read this in the Dallas Morning News.
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      I wonder what they will call it?


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        this it?


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          I read somewhere that it was part of an asteroid belt, and not really a planet. As it turns out, Pluto is also part of this asteroid belt, and if astronomers knew what they know now about Plute, they would never have classified it as a planet.
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            Great. Now when the kids get older and I have to help them with their science, I won't be able to. First they rename the dinosaurs, now there might be between 8-10 planets. Gotta love modern science.
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              This is OLD news. I learned of this over 20 years ago....in high school. For the past 20+ years, scientists have speculated that Pluto's eliptical orbit was due to the gravitational pull of a VERY LARGE planet acting upon it. This 'new' planet has often been referred to as 'Planet X'. Original, huh? [Wink]
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                So if there is a new, tenth planet, they're going to have to come up with a name for it, aren't they?

                No reason why we can't lend our creative inspiration to the world of science.

                My suggestions and reasonings:

                Goofy - Pluto needs a friend. Plus, the name is rooted in ambiguity -- is Goofy a dog, or not? A planet, or not?

                Planet Reebok - The logical progression from corporate sponsorship of stadiums and events.

                Beatnik - It's, like, totally far out, man.

                Go ahead an give it your best shot. Heck, they got away with 'Uranus'.
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                  Originally posted by kirch:
                  Go ahead an give it your best shot. Heck, they got away with 'Uranus'.

                  Which is interesting..how DID they come up with that? This is how I see it:

                  2 Scientists hanging around at NASA suddenly find an un-named, large, mass.

                  "Wow, another planet!"

                  "you, idiot, thats not a planet!"

                  "I'm telling you, that's a planet"

                  "Oh, shove it up your ***!!!!"

                  It was then determined to be a planet, and when asked what they wanted it named, there seemed only one logical choice...


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