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i never knew what it would be like


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  • i never knew what it would be like

    this thread will most likely be moved but this sounded like a good place to put it.

    i heard tonight that someone heard on a scanner that a cop was shot where i live(town about 25,000 people) its been longer than i remember sence anything like this has happened. it hasn't been confrim yet but bu morning i will know for sure.

    my brother currently works corrections for the county and wants to work the road as soon as he can, I myself want to work road work or ideally K-9. even thou it hasn't been confirmed i still feel strange, the thought that, that could have been my brother, someone else i know from the force, or me(in a few years) the thought of what just happened makes me concerned about those i love, but also angered at those who would do such a thing, i have great concern for peoples safty but it makes me want to do something about it even more.

    its just strange... anyone understand what i am trying to say.


    i will post about the shooting more as i get confrimed information.

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    I know exactly how you feel. As police officer they put their safety on the line every night or day they go out to partol the streets in thier beat. It is hard for a loved one to think just how safe it is not out there and they hope beyond all hope that their loved one comes back home safely. I sit here all night long and listen to all the channels in the greater Des Moines area listening to my brothers and sisters out there hoping that they stay safe and nothing bad happens to them. I even have the rescue squads on so I can listen to hear how one is doing if something does happen to them. I support the officers of this fine city and think of them as being the finest all around. I try to help them in every way possible and if I see something amiss I will be one of the first to call them and give them a detailed account of what I saw.

    Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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      Oh, I know what you're sayin'... I heard on the news that an officer was shot a few years back and when they said his name I thought it sounded familiar. It turned out it was someone I went through the academy with but was working for another agency.
      Real gut wrenching when you hear news like that. This guy survived but, I don't think he's back to work yet..
      " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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        The feeling is mutual.

        It's never something that a officer or loved one is completely prepared for or comfortable talking about but as officers, we do know the risks presented in the job. By knowing this potential risk preparations for a horrible incident such as this (God forbid) should be arranged for via wills, extra life insurance coverage etc.

        It's not something an officer wishes to dwell on or think about but knowing the risks involved as a police officer calls for prudent preparations being made in advance.

        In contrary, most citizens aren't even aware that they are at risk of becoming a victim therefore their loved ones and friends are completely unprepared for dealing with such a incident. I can imagine how hard it is for their family as well.

        God bless us all and please stay safe out there..


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          I think one of the scariest moments I ever had was one night when my wife walks in and says I just saw at least twenty cops running code down a nearby street. I turn on my radio and the first thing I hear is a Sgt crying on the radio "C-c-c-c-c-all m-m-m-m-y wife and tell her I'm okay." Then much more crying. Then people saying that the chief and sherriff are both in route and so on and so forth. It was pretty obvious there had been a shooting but I couldn't tell by radio traffic what happened although I assumed by the crying sgt that one of our officers was dead or really hurt. I didn't want to bother dispatch during this whole mess so I sweated it out for some time wondering which one of my coworkers was dead. It was agonizing. Come to find out all that happened was one city and one county cop shot a scrotebag in the leg (he lived )and no cops were hurt but the whole thought that one of us had died just tore me up inside.


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