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Are you guys going to shop 'til you drop today?


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  • Are you guys going to shop 'til you drop today?

    Not me. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping early this year. I always end up buying a bunch of stuff for myself anyway when I go to the mall. My way of keeping myself in the house is not washing any clothes today. I don't have anything to wear and if I don't do laundry until tonight than I don't have anything to worry about!!

    I think I'm going to get the Christmas decorations down and see how they work, maybe even start putting them up today.

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    Not just no, but hell no.

    If Christmas shopping isn't the best reason to be in a WalMart at 3am, nothing is.


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      Not much to go out and shop for. The stores up here have the same old crap, just marked down to their lower 48 price to make it look like the items are on sale. Do my shopping via enternet due to shipping and lack of selection up here, or drive 8 hrs to Anchorage........Nah.
      Can't wait to go back to the lower 48!!!!


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        Nope, Had to work all day yesterday and today. I think its a damn shame when people can't remember to do thier grocery shopping the week before thanksgiving. My place of work was a horrible mess. And the crowds were unbelievable. Sometimes holidays just suck!

        Just food for thought; I know many officers work the holidays and i truely feel for you guys. But i believe that the public dictates what other business stay open. For instance, I don't think people understand that grocery store and department store people would love to spend the holidays with thier families too. By continuing to go to the store on days like Christmas and Thanksgiving we as a public make it where the workers cannot enjoy the day off with thier families. I know to some it seems mundane but think about it. Is our world going to cease to exist if we cannot shop on these two days. I remember when all grocery stores and department stores were closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you did not get your things ahead of time then you were out of luck, providing the local gas station and convience store did not carry what you needed. Next time you go in on a holiday, look at the cashier, bagger or stocker who would rather be at home like everyone else who gets to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and football or time with family. I think if enough people understand this it would make the owners of some businesses close for these 2 days a year instead of being so greedy. I certainly do not see them in the store working. I bet they are at home enjoying themselves and taking the much needed time off while the other people are slaving away making them very rich.
        "To each his own"


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          Would there be a significant drop in the companies gross income if they closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day?

          It seems to me that this thing about being open those two days has crept up on this society, quietly until it just became acceptable. Is that how you see it?

          Jim Burnes


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            Yes. Come to think about it, it did creep up until it became acceptable. By the greedy business owners.
            "To each his own"


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              The only shopping I did today, was looking for bad guys to bag for stats.
              Attitude is a reflection of leadership.


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                We had two shopping riots today. At 0545, fifteen minutes before Shop KO opened, a bunch of females starting jostling for position at the door. Then came pushing, shoving, and punching. Pretty soon about fifteen fiesty shoppers were involved and the whole shift had to respond to break it up.

                At Fred Meyer, a woman at the front of the line fell down as the store opened. Did anyone stop to help her up. NOPE!. They just stepped on her or over her in their stampede to get in. She ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance with injuries.


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                  It is so sickening to hear stuff like that. Is this what people think Christmas is all about? Don't get me wrong, I buy gifts, decorate a tree and all of that, but let's not totally disregard the spirit of the season. People make me sick!


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                    Thanks a lot! Now that my wife saw your post she's making me take down the halloween decorations and put up the Christmas ones! That was before she disappeared with my wallet and credit cards. If you see a blonde at King of Prussia with flaming credit cards, could you send her home in time for work on Monday??
                    If there is a tourist season, why can't I shoot them???


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                      That would be the day I would get involved in a stampede and fight. They have nothing there I would EVER need thst badly. I always try to go the day before the sales. Not too many people realize the sales are in effect there and it's like being the only one in a candy shop! lol
                      I did have a woman grab a sweater out of my hand one time but I just walked away. Plenty of sweaters in this world and not worth going to jail over sheesh!
                      My mother-in-law use to always embarass me tho. She was a big woman and like a bulldozer at sales. She would push and shove and demadn more off. It was really embarassing and I wouldn't go shopping with her.

                      [ 11-24-2001: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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                        4n6det: Buddy, sorry to tell ya, but the Halloween decos had to go the day after Turkey ANYWAY! It's our family tradition that Christmas lights go up on Black Friday.

                        I can't believe your wife went to King of Prussia this weekend, she nuts I tell ya, NUTS! I was watching the news last night and saw the mall on TV, you couldn't see pavement for all the dang cars!!

                        I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but you may be calling her off from work on Monday, she's going to need to recoup!

                        Mrs. 4n6det: If you're reading this, GOD BLESS ya women!! You're a brave soul!


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                          I OBJECT! How dare anyone blame "Greedy business owners" just because they have to work. You ought to be glad there are greedy business owners out there able to give people jobs! And you are way wrong about the owners not working on the holidays themselves. Ask around the next you are out shopping on Christmas eve. That said, my greedy business owner dh gave his employees Thanksgiving and the next day off (and a turkey). He worked today (Sunday) of course, while his employees were out shopping. Of course he is not in the retail sales business. If he were, he'd realize that he might be able to give a few more people jobs if he stayed open when the general public wants to shop, like in the evenings and on the holidays.

                          Has it occurred to you that some people like the extra pay they often get working holidays? My sister was one, she always volunteered for the holidays because she got TRIPLE time. If you don't ever want to work on the holidays, then don't pick that kind of job, or is the job you chose the fault of the business owners fault too? He should kindly offer you more choices, right? So how come you aren't a businss owner? Then you could make the big bucks and stay home on all the holidays.

                          [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: ThaliaMoser ]


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                            i cant stand to shop on a normal day, let alone black Friday! and i DON'T do malls. i like on-line ordering or catalog ordering, and i go to smaller shops when i can.

                            as for business being open holidays, i think Christmas Day and Thanksgiving they could close, unless their business deals with someone's health, like a pharmacy maybe. and if they give holiday pay yes, they could ask for volunteers who wanted to work that day. my ex- used to work holidays because we did not have kids and that allowed his co-workers to stay home with their families. i have to work some holidays, which was not the way it was when i took the job (there was no holiday work). the bosses dont work on holidays OR weekends, and we dont get holiday pay, we get normal pay.
                            every business owner has the right to stay open and make money, but it would be nice if they would offer the time off to the employees that wanted to spend time with their families.
                            "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                              ThaliaMoser, I am duly chastised!

                              BTW, We do get double time and a half. But sometimes i wonder if its even worth it. The general public is so mean and nasty to service workers anymore that i now think "You can't take it with you when you go!" (money)
                              "To each his own"


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