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  • Anything is possible

    One of my pet peeves is the saying, "Anything is possible." This is also phrased as "Everything is possible." This is simply not true. I will now attempt to demonstrate this.

    If anything is possible, then it is possible for one thing to be impossible. If anything is possible, it must also be possible for some things, most things, or all things to be impossible. However, if any single thing is impossible, then anything is not possible. Thus, the saying is not true.

    Conversely, if anything is possible, then it is impossible for something to be impossible. Thus, not everything is possible and the saying is not true.

    Please share this truth with as many people as you possibly can. I am on a mission to strike this ridiculous saying from the English language.

    [ 11-01-2002, 08:05 PM: Message edited by: Underdog ]

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    I'm sending a copy of that to my daughter (an attorney). It will give her something deep to ponder in between those boring environmental law documents she reads.


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      UD, I'm on the phone w/Katey and I read your post to her. She just wanted you to know that in reality, anything really is possible!
      Chaos, panic and work here is done!


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        Anything is not possible. For example, it's not possible for katey to eat a cheese steak without the cheese!

        It's also not possible to travel in time(with the exception of fixed forward travel), or faster than than the speed of light.

        And, last but not least, it's not possible for me NOT to post BS!


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