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driving dumb, blind, and stupid!


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  • driving dumb, blind, and stupid!

    What is going on with all the idiots on the roads these days?
    yesterday I witnessed the most incredible act of stupidity while driving that I have ever seen.
    While traveling through a 15mph school zone a small car came up behind me. The driver then proceded in coming within an inch of my bumper.
    The next part is what blew my mind...
    The driver then swerved into a passing lane to my right, sped past me, cut back in front of my vehicle, nearly clipping my bumber,and flored the vehicle down the road, all within the school zone.
    Now, breaking traffic laws is one thing, but risking the lives of young, elementary school children is a whole new ball of wax. Shaving 20 seconds off your busy day is not worth a child's life in my opinion.
    My question to you folks, what would you have done in this situation?

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    'One kill' comes to mind....

    Seriously, if I was off-duty, I'd follow the idiot(safely, of course!), take his tag info/vehicle description/direction of travel and call 911, requesting an officer....and be prepared to file charges MYSELF, of reckless driving, improper driving, reckless endangerment, etc.

    A bit of advice: IF you want 'something done', YOU will have to file the charges...and be SURE to tell dispatch that you will, or you most likely will NOT have a unit respond.

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      "Officer, the kid was small and a blur. He ran out in front of me and all I could do was slam on my brakes. I'm sorry if Mr. So and So's small economical car just suffered several thousand dollars of damage to the front end after running up underneath my truck engulfing the tow receiver and 1/8th inch skid plate under my gas tank."

      And people wonder why I advocate legalized nerfing on the roadways.
      "I will not use my patrol car as a desert prerunner unless in pursuit."


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        Get a plate number, go to nearest police station and give a supporting deposition, from which a ticket can be written.You'll have to appear in court if it goes to trial.

        As for me, I would have noted the plate and ID'd the driver, then paid them a visit on my next working shift with a ticket.


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          We need a law here in TX, DWHUA.
          "Driving With Head Up ***." (Boy, do I wish!!)

          In TX, only a DPS Trooper may give a citation or arrest for traffic violations at any time, since they have jurisdiction state wide. (An officer may only enforce Class C traffic violations within their own jurisdiction, city, county, etc.)

          I would either follow the car and call the local PD to intercept (I would give a statement to the Class C charges) or I could make the arrest for "Reckless Driving" (a Class B violation) after the local PD made the stop. Either way, I would make sure the driver got some type of charge.

          You are exactly right, a couple of extra seconds is not worth the life of some poor child.
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            Unfortunately, in Arizona, the only thing you could have done at the time was to call local law enforcement and hope someone is available and closeby. The officer has to witness the traffic violation to issue a citation. In cases of reckless driving, endangerment types of situations, you probably would have to show close proximity of children, children jumping out of the way, even a school official yelling at the violator would be good. Criminal traffic violations are the only traffic situations in which you have any say-so in what happens. Drive safe and carry a cell phone!
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              If one of these stupid, idiotic, moron drivers ever saw what a pick-up traveling at about 50mph does to a little eight year old girl who accidently wanders into the path, I guarantee you they would slow down BELOW the school zone speed limit. That was one of the worst things I can remember. I can still see the image of the pick-up driver bent over holding the little girl. He will have to live with her death, even though it was not his fault, for the rest of his life. I felt sorry for him almost as much as the family of the child whose life was taken away.
              "Why is it that our children cannot read the Bible in school, yet they can in prison?"


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