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parents must be proud.....


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  • parents must be proud.....

    I bet these parents wonder what the hell happened???

    in 2001 there one son is arrested for arson for throwing a Incidenary device threw a elementary school window... caused millions in damage to the school.

    so in april 2004 wonder brains is released on parole.

    yesterday he and his younger brother are arrested againe for setting a abadoned home on fire.

    quess some folks were just meant to be prison fodder for life.

    the kid thats arrested twice now for arson is all of 22 years of age.
    whats extra tragic is he dragged his younger brother into his love of fire.

    You really have to wonder what was mom and dad like?

    hopefully the judge who sees this brainsurgeon in the making gives him 25 years this time. you just can not help people like this.

    I can see giving a youthful offender a break like the courts did for this kid the first time. with the hope maybe it was a mistake hopefully they might learn and go on to be a decent citizine.
    It just makes you wonder when the fool is only a few months released and does it all over againe.

    some people must really love sitting in steel and concrete cells.
    I wonder if he even gave a damn how his stupidity might break his parents hearts.

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    Man thats a fine upstanding U.S. citizen.

    I agree 25-250 years, was he charged with coruption of minor as well? Thats assuming his younger bro is under 18.


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      Its possible that he does not give a damn about what his parents think...for whatever reason. Or...they dont care what their kids do.....or they care too much and Junior has a problem with that.
      So many many bad people.


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        Is there a article for this?
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          To quote my Dad, "When he was born, they should've knocked him in the head, and fed the milk to the pigs!"
          Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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            Originally posted by Photogrrlz
            Is there a article for this?



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              gotta love rochester, LOL

              i can't believe he did it again, while on parole


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                Originally posted by ChrisG
                gotta love rochester, LOL

                i can't believe he did it again, while on parole
                yea and get little bro involved this time......


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