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Toys R Us- SO MAD (rant)


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  • Toys R Us- SO MAD (rant)

    I'm an avid World Rally Championship fan, and a new game was just released that lets me pretend I'm a World Rally driver.

    So I go to Toys R Us to see if they have this game in (not my first choice for games, but sometimes they have cool stuff).

    I'm carrying a SMALL Kelty Day Pack (I call it my man purse, I carry it when I'm wearing summer clothes so I don't have to carry so much crap in my pockets). It's slung across my chest and hangs behind my back. My buddy and I get twenty steps inside when the manager nervously calls out, "Ummm guys? You need to leave that pack here, I'll watch it for you."

    A lot of stores have that policy, which is OK. But it's only OK if they make EVERYBODY do it. I think of a million things I want to say to the guy, but I just hand it to him, and walk away.

    Inside, I see many women (various ages) all carrying purses, many of them much larger than my "man purse". There are also men with fanny packs not much smaller than my pack. So now I'm really angry, because they selectively enforce the rule. I know, I know, they're a private business, but seriously....

    When I was 14, I expected that kind of crap. I'm 24 freaking years old! I graduated the Police Academy last year! I'm interviewing (executive interview, wish me luck!) with my local PD this Friday! He doesn't know all that (except he can guess my age), but it's still not acceptable. Should he be able to pick out a 24 year old black guy and make him give up his pack instead of me (I'm white)? No. So on the same principle, some 40 year old woman shouldn't get to keep her backpack sized purse while I give up my little pack.

    Here's the worst part- I worked there two years ago- I remember this guy (I was seasonal so he probably doesn't remember me). In addition, I estimate that in the last five years or so I've spent at LEAST $800 in Toys R Us on many many things. I am the ABSOLUTE last person in the world who would steal from them! Until today, I thought they were the greatest store ever. OK, call me a nerd, call me juvenile, but I know some of you sneak off to the action figures aisle whenever you can.

    OK. I just wanted to rant. It's out of my system now. Except for the letters I'll write to Toys R Us . And the picketing campaign. And the lawsuit Thanks for listening, the wife's out of town, and I needed somewhere to vent.
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    LOL I think that you should have told him no I will not leave my pack here as I can see others in the store carring packs and purses too. IF he had a problem with that I would say call the police then because you can not say for certain that my pack will remain safely where you put it. And how do I kow that as soon as I am out of sight your not going to go rifling through it to see if I might have stolen something from one of the neighboring stores so you can call the police and make yourself to look like some fool hero?

    Just my opinion

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      Funny storie, I wonder how many of those purse toting mom's lifted toys for thier kids that day??
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        $800.00 on toys? Was that money all spent for toys in the Barbie aisle?

        [ 03-28-2002: Message edited by: Mr.Orange ]
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          Actually, $15 or $20 was spent on a Barbie Porsche for some of my 12" action figures to cruise around in when they weren't on duty
          I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle


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            Originally posted by Mr.Orange:
            $800.00 on toys? Was that money all spent for toys in the Barbie aisle?
            That would explain the "Man Purse"

            Seriously, I would file a written complaint with their head office.

            [ 03-28-2002: Message edited by: occiferdave ]


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              That's the plan. I got their address for corporate off the net today while I was at work, and when I get home I'll draft a polite but firm letter explaining my problem with the incident.
              I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle


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                I went into a ratty old flea market/antique/junk store once and they made me lock my purse in a locker before letting me look around. I couldn't even find anything I would want to steal! Strange.


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                  Reminds me of something funny that happened to me 3 weeks ago. I'm down in Austin with my family and a buddy of mine (non LEO friend). We're both wearing fanny packs. Mine is for my pistol and his is because he's disabled and uses it to carry his water, wallet, pills, etc. We walk up to the state trooper guarding the entrance and the trooper says, "I need to see inside your bags just to make sure you're not bringing guns inside." I'm reaching for my badge to display it before I say anything, but my buddy pipes in and says, "Oh, he's got a gun in his bag."

                  I about crapped my pants and you could tell the trooper had become instantly nervous. All I could mutter was, "cop!" since I all of a sudden couldn't seem to get my badge out safely!


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                    Troll droppings deleted

                    [ 04-03-2002: Message edited by: Niteshift ]


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                      yeppers looks like we have a troll a visiting us here.

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                        TC you don't need many friends like that or you will be pushing up daiseys.
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                          Well now let's see here. First off you carry a "man purse". Well, oke, I've carried a fanny pack off and on for years when wearing shorts and "T" shirt.

                          Second, you've spent over $800.00 on "toys" recently.

                          Third, you are 24 years old.

                          Son, do you REALLY think you are ready for "POLICE WORK"!!!!!!

                          Aw, OK, I'm just pullin' your chain! I'd be a little irate at them as well.
                          6P1 (retired)


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                            "I call it my man purse"

                            Jason? is that you? Jay is the only guy I know that carries a "MAN PURSE" and admits it.

                            Ah ha! Whats up buddy! (in a paulie shore kind of way)

                            lol.. Jk dude, i know you aint my Jay but if you want a lil laugh, check this out:

                            Man Purse
                            Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                              Okay folks...

                              That enough ribbing about going into Toy's R Us...

                              I shop there all the time... for me!

                              My house has several shelves full of toys from there. 1:18th scale oldies but goodies cars

                              I'm glad to know that there is another person who has the intestinal fortatude to admit that... The only reason I have never mentioned it was that...uh, I didn't think to do it...

                              I have restored a '65 Mustang, a '57 Chevy Belair and was working on a '57 Nomad when Jane died and my project cars hobbie came to an end.

                              The 1:18th scale antiques are about as close as I will get to another one... well as long as I am on a Cop's payscale anyway.

                              Stand tall brother! The Toy's R Us shoppers without small children of America support you 100%
                              Take your hands off the trunk of the car and I'll make your Birth Certificate just another worthless document!!


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