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  • Glass in Uniform

    Recently I participated in a fatal mva/vehicle extrication scenario with the local FD. I was the "victim" in the drivers seat in a DUI crash. When they were tearing the car apart, they punched the windows out which resulted in me getting a lot of shattered glass and glass dust on my uniform. I got the big pieces off, but I've still got some smaller shards in the "furry" collar of my bomber jacket as well as on the cuffs and the dust is just all over the pants and jacket and gloves.

    I'd like to get this stuff out. The pieces are just so tiny though I've given up trying to pick them out by hand.

    Any suggestions for how to get the glass out? I don't think I should wash it until I do. Someone suggested vacuuming it but I'd like to hear what other people think. Thanks.
    Well life is too short so love the one ya got cuz ya might get run over or ya might get shot.

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    First off, the fire department should have covered you in a tarp or blanket for the exact reason you are asking this question. The glass.

    To get it off, maybe try tape looped over your hand (sticky side out) and just keep patting. If it's not sticky anymore, new tape is needed.

    I would try vacuuming it as well, maybe with proper eye protection try shaking it nice and hard outside as well.

    Either way it's going to be a LONG process, and be careful of glass shards.


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      you should not have been wearing your uniform anyways. Your in love with it by the sounds


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        I had my window broken by a flying flashlight 2 years ago and I still get scratched when I wear shorts every once in a while.


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          Glass is the hardest thing to totally get rid off, obviously broken glass. My moms skylight just smashed in one day in the living room, the grandkids were finding peices literally for years. Vaccuming, professional cleaning, etc. Glass for years I tells ya. Seriously.
          I got nothing for now


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            They did put a tarp over me, but it didn't cover all the pants, plus they took it off me before they dragged me out because I was "unconcious" and there was glass on the seats so that kinda got stuck in. I'm glad my jacket didn't rip, I got got one tiny cut on my leg when the bottom of the pant leg bunched up.

            The deputy TOLD me to come in uniform and bring plainsclothes. It was HIS choice to have me wear the coat over my uniform instead of changing. So why should I have not been wearing my uniform???
            You say I'm in love with the uniform? lol that's funny in so many different ways... can we get polos or something next year that's more comfortable? *sigh* I'm guessing not.

            K, sounds like I'm gonna have my work cut out for me here... Time to go grab the vacuum and tape...
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            Well life is too short so love the one ya got cuz ya might get run over or ya might get shot.


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              Little known secret.
              You can file a claim with the at fault drivers insurance company for replacement cost of coat. But why is it an issue ? Won't department just give you a new coat or do you have to foot the bill out of your own pocket.

              We tear something or stain something here it's replaced next business day.


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                Since this was a scenario they should have been more careful. Any person who has been involved in an extrication knows about all the little annoying things. If I have a non-serious extrication (where everything is precautionary) I make sure the patient is covered. Now if it is a serious, you don't care about anything about safety and getting that person out ASAP.

                Good Luck with getting the glass out.

                --One story that was told to me from another medic: He was crouched on the seat in the back of the smashed car holding the persons head (c-spine) and he was wearing his coat (these coats were the kind that have the elastic around the waist and were only waist long, but they are the shiny material) For whatever reason the fire department had to break the back window of the car. I believe he was covered in a blanket but it either wasn't low enough or when they took it off...You know that gap you get between your back and your belt if you are crouching and leaning forward? Well he got a ton of glass from the window down that gap...


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