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got my black beret


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  • got my black beret

    After nearly a year later, all of use up here got issued our berets back in January, but could not officially wear them until March 1. I now can officially Bitch that the beret is a big POS! Since it is black I have to pick all the hair and lint off of it almost daily. It's wool, hot, itches. I now have a red band around my head from wearing the damn thing so tight that it cuts off the blood to my head. It started snowing again, so it gets wet and itches and smells like wet dog. We are now up to 12+ hrs of day light and with no visor, I can't see worth a damn. I almost forgot to mention, the time it takes to shave, wet, and shape the piece of crap to your head. At least the right side of my face/ head will be shaddy
    What a waist!!

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    LOL I always though that the army going to all berets was going to be a waste of time and it does not make you look any better. I think I will stick with my BDU caps that I aquired while I was in the military LOL

    Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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      Got to agree with Greg, the beret looks really smart if properly styled, otherwise it can look like anything from a helicopter landing pad to a black pancake
      Cut the shape of a half circle from linoleum or plastic and place it inside the beret behind the badge, while you are wearing it (wet of course) keep digging your fingers over the top of the badge so that a sort of ridge forms. The beret will hold its shape once dry!
      Trust me I'm a policeman (retired)
      Take Care!
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        i wore black beret for 9 years and it sounds to me ....
        1. maybe a bit too tight...loosen it a bit..
        2. prep it with steaming or boiling hot water..let cool a bit( just enough to be able to touch ) then put it on and begin to shape it by rubbing it down at a top of head to ear and dig into the area behind the crest to make that ridge...
        3. while it is wet shave it with a double bladed razor....
        4. fold it and let it dry ( i used a tri-fold keeping the crest board nice and flat )

        it should begin to look sharp and be extremely comfortable...

        i loved mine ( except for when it got replace with United Nation baby blue for awhile ) and I hope it grows on you. remember the history of the beret in the U.s. Army and be proud that they have decided you all of the force is just as elite. Be Safe & God Bless!


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          well i too wore a beret for a few years too. i can tell you that if it is earned and not handed out like cheese and butter then it has a personal meaning to it. no it has no sun shade to it. and wearing it when earned is a good feeling. i would absolutly refuse to wear one that has sooooooo much bad poop as the blanket issue of the black beret to all personnel not already issued one of another color that has been earned...... so i too understand your negative feelings to wearing something that has no meaning to you and sooooo many others. i guess my chain of command would not like me when i refused to wear the thing out of protest. good luck and the red ring does go away. but you can wear it in support of those in the past that did go through heck and earned the right to wearing the once respected and sought after black beret. it you look at it like that then you can wear it with pride...


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            >>>remember the history of the beret in the U.s. Army and be proud that they have decided you all of the force is just as elite. <<<

            Yep. Armor wore 'em first!
            Dave Kiefner
            [i]Die Wahrheit ist eine Perle. Werfen sie nicht vor die S


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              Yeppers! I hate to **** off all the Batt. Boys, but the black berret is historically a symbol of ARMOR or ARMORED CAV. (Can I get a HOOAH! brother?)

              While I do feel for the Rangers, if you want to start talking about "tradition" and "history", then you're going to need to go back before the '70's.

              Personally, on the whole, I think it's a fine idea. Mainly because it's a VAST improvement over that stupid looking, useless c*nt cap.

              And from what I understand, the berret is just for garrison duty. Aren't they going to keep the good old PC for "getting dirty work"?


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                Im here at Ft Polk LA and we been wearin um for awhile. Whenit rains or whatever we usually get to trade um for Soft Cap. Hey Evan were you stationed at? Ft Wainsworth? (Spelling?) Yall got ppl down here on rotation right now huh? A buddy of mine just went to alaske hes an 11C.


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                  very good point about the cav. and armour cav. having them first....


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                    I suppose I should have gotten over it by now, but when I was a US soldier, in the early 70's, there wasn't anybody but us wearing berets.

                    [ 03-28-2002: Message edited by: Dinosaur ]


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                      Letter: Straight talk on beret, transformation
                      by Sgt. Maj. of the Army Jack L. Tilley
                      WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 11, 2001)

                      "Beginning as early as 1924, armor units in the British Army began wearing black berets for a few very simple reasons. For one thing, the color hid the grease spots tankers often left on their hats when putting them on and taking them off as they worked on their vehicles. Also, the beret allowed tank crewmen to comfortably wear radio headsets and push their faces against the tank's telescopic sights.

                      Although historians say a few Ranger units unofficially wore black berets during the early 1950s and again during the Vietnam War, the Center of Military History can find no photos or documentation indicating World War II Rangers were ever authorized to wear berets of any color.

                      The headgear did not become an official part of the Ranger uniform for another 25 years. In 1975, the Army authorized two newly formed ranger battalions to wear black berets -- one year after both armor and cavalry units around the Army began wearing black berets.

                      The Opposing Force units at the National Training Center, Joint Readiness Training Center and Combat Maneuver Training Center have worn black berets for years. Further, armor and cavalry units throughout the Army were authorized black berets from 1973-1979.

                      A few months back, one old cavalryman even told me that when Chief of Staff Gen. Bernard Rogers decided in 1979 that only special operations and airborne units would be authorized berets, tankers in his unit objected to the decision and burned "their" black berets in protest.

                      It is also interesting to note how many soldiers believe that Ranger and Airborne School graduates receive either black or maroon berets upon completing their respective courses. Very few soldiers realize that Special Forces Qualification Course graduates are the only troops in the Army awarded a beret and tab when they complete their school."


                      And here's an order from 1966-

                      DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                      APO San Francisco 96355
                      AVVDH-GA 20 November 1966

                      SUBJECT: The Black Beret

                      TO: SEE DISTRIBUTION

                      1. Announcement is made that the units and members that are of the 1st Bn, [/b]69th Armor[/b], 3rd Bde Task Force, 25th Infantry Division, this station awarded the black beret. To be worn on all periods of authorized absence from this station as provided for in USARV Reg. 630-1.

                      2. These orders remain in effect until ETS.

                      3. Effective date 21 November 1966.

                      FOR THE COMMANDER:

                      ARNOLD BENNETT
                      CAPTAIN, ACC
                      Asst Adjutant

                      1-each per
                      2-indiv 201 file
                      10-CO, 1st Bn 69th Armor
                      5-HHC Company
                      5-A Company
                      5-B Company
                      5-C Company


                      Even in Viet Nam, ARVN Armored forces wore th balck beret. Here's a unit of the US Army which was awarded wear of same-

                      TROOP C
                      3D SQUADRON 4TH CAVALRY
                      3D BDE TF, 25TH INF DIV
                      APO 96355

                      AVDC-C-CAV 3 February 1967

                      SUBJECT: Wearing of the black Beret

                      TO: Whom it may concern

                      The bearer of this letter is authorized to wear the black beret by
                      Colonel James A. Shanahan, Commanding Officer, 3d Brigade Task Force,
                      25th Infantry Division.

                      The black beret, which is the ARVN armored forces official headgear,
                      was awarded to Troop C, 3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry, as a symbol of the
                      esteem and friendship which the Republic of Vietnam and it


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                        Well, since I was Cav and did wear a black beret with a little red star on it for awhile, here's the way I feel. The whole Army getting it is so friggin gay the goof who thought of the idea ought to be forced to run the friggin gauntlet with Rangers on either side. By the way, as soon as we hit the dez, mine went inside and out came the boonie hat.
                        "I will not use my patrol car as a desert prerunner unless in pursuit."


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                          LOL, just kidding guys

                          At least you weren't in the Navy BWAHHAAHAHAHAH!!! Doh! I'm bound to get my A** kicked!! LMAO!!! Sorry guys, had to do it!

                          But personally I do think it's kind of gay that they 'gave' the beret to everybody. Along with the whole "Army of One" promo that they have going on. I've heard that that isn't too popular with the troops.
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                          Let's roll for justice
                          Let's roll for truth
                          Let's not let our children grow up
                          Fearful in their youth -- Neil Young


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                            Hey Sparky,

                            3rd BDE Task Force, 25th ID?

                            Weren't they the ones that worked off of the PBR's in the Delta?

                            And big HOOAH brother from an ex-mech infantry Sarge!

                            Pesonally I like the beret it looks more military than the ball cap.Though I prefer a boonie cap for the dirty work Although if the decision were mine I wouldn't have issued it Army wide. But I have no problem with Infantry, Armor, Arty, or any other of the Combat Arms getting them. The cooks and pencil pushers should still be wearing the ball cap.

                            [ 03-28-2002: Message edited by: lone ranger ]


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                              And Dinosaur,

                              Hate to burst your bubble but I think even in the early 70 the USAF Security Police were wearing the dark blue beret.

                              But since you're Army you probably don't count them


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