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We got M16's in our cars now


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  • We got M16's in our cars now

    Recently our department got M16's in the patrol car. When we were shooting them I could not believe the accuracy that I had. It was kind of intimidating at first to hear we had to shoot machine guns (I am not really a gun guy) but they were so easy to use. My grouping from 50 yards was about a 6 inch circle with 40 shots in it.

    Our M16's have the "e-tech?" sights so all you do is put the little red dot on the target and pull the trigger. The guns have been modified so they only go to "semi" automatic. I am excited to have such a weapon to use, and they look extremely intimidating.

    We have the M16 in a trunk mount and our shotgun mounted behind us in the vehicle. I am trying to talk to admin about switching the shotgun to the trunk and putting the M16 in the car with us.
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    Too bad that LEO's have to carry such a weapon. Gone are the days when the police just needed a revolver and seldom, if ever, had to use it.


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      Very true Security.
      We have a shotgun and HK UMP 45 in each car.


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        Originally posted by DUI_eliminator
        You guys should get the dual mounts. We have the shotgun and AR-15 side by side, between the driver/passenger seat.
        My old department had thier AR-15's in a safe in the trunk with a 3 digit push button combo. It wasn't something you got out in hurry.


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