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1959 Ohio State Police Video


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  • 1959 Ohio State Police Video

    I randomdly found this video tonight of Ohio State Police talking mainly about crashes. It did show the a brief spot about the academy I think around the middle of the movie. They also said something which I'm sure would not be done today, talking openly about the stupidity of a driver. It was cool to see the old uniforms and cars. Anybody from OHP, do they ever show this?

    Film is called signal 30. They also have some other interesting commercials and other movies which I haven't gotten to. One commercial talked about the world smallest calculator which looked it was about the size of a graphing calculator.
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    Which guy was Bodie? The guy taking the first call or the guy driving too it??



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      Sighal 30

      OSP signal for Accident Reported Fatal.
      Wsa adrivers ed tool in the 60's and 70's and was remade a couiple of times in the latter version I was at the scene of a couple of the fatals filmed from our area.


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        1958 Ohio State Police Video

        Bodie, you brought back some memories. In the Academy, (1967) we were shown an OHP film entitled "Wheels of Tragedy". Pretty graphic stuff for the times, and all in color. Still remember it pretty well. Copies of the film made it to many police academies nationwide.


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          Footage of fatals all over Ohio were included the OSHP films and some kids in drivers ed classes got sick and some even cried.


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            movies of the Ohio Highway Patrol

            this sure brought back memories for me, there were a couple of other movies, another was the 21stMan, which dealt only with the academy. in this movie the training academy was at the Hartman farms South of Columbus, the new academy on 17th ave opened in 1967 and for a while was running 3 classes per year. I used to show these movies in driver's ed classes and many got ill from watching them, the audio included the screaming of the injured people


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