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Something stinks in my county....


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  • Something stinks in my county....

    Last month, the local school board(not the one I work for) posted 2 job openings for 'School Security Coordinators'. It's a 12-month/3-year contracted position(s), made available via a federal grant.

    Applicants needed a B.S. degree in Education, Psychology, Sociology, etc. I have a B.S. in Edu and a Masters in Edu. I also have 4 years' LEO experience.

    I was beginning to get 'edgy' due to not being contacted about an interview. Cut-off date for applying was 2 weeks ago. I figured I had an above average chance. One of my fellow LEO buddies also applied. He is edgy, too....no word, either.

    Today, I get a letter in the mail, postmarked 11/19/01, dated 11/19/01, saying that due to the unexpectedly high applicant rate, they would only be conducting 'select' interviews of applicants. Interviewees would be notified via telephone on Monday, November 19, 2001 (note the dates).

    It is probably as I suspected, considering despotism is alive and well in the South, that the 'coordinators' were PRE-selected.

    IF the above is found to be true, what is the BEST way to voice an objection, considering this is a FEDERALLY-funded position(s)?
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    I would wait and see who got selected for the position, then compare qualifications, then hire an attorney, nepotism really sucks!!!!!!!!


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      Despotism is alive and well pretty much everywhere. I have seen far too many times a well connected person win out over an much more qualified person.

      The Federal grant portion is only the funding component. I'm sure the the school will have to do the usual grant reporting to satisfy the jusification, but the Fed's usually stay out of the hiring process.

      If the other people meet the BFOQ set out in the job discription I think you're pretty much screwed.
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