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Deadly Choking Game


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  • Deadly Choking Game

    I just saw this story on our local news. Anyone have experiences with this...such as deaths, or calls for assistance?

    Now i KNOW i'm OLD... I have heard about this during masturbation, or during sex between couples...which is bad enough, but now kids are choking themselves as a game, and often alone. ???

    I cant imagine that the quest to get high is that bad now. There is so much fun, great stuff for kids to be doing nowadays. I cant imagine wanting to choke myself for fun...EVER...

    **Teens Playing Suffocation Roulette With Choking Game**
    Death More Common Among Kids Who Attempt Game Alone

    POSTED: 2:50 pm EDT September 19, 2005
    UPDATED: 10:57 pm EDT September 19, 2005

    PHILADELPHIA -- There is a new addiction that children can easily hide from their parents -- it is known as the choking game.

    Experts say that children who play the choking game are not usually troubled, and that is what troubles parents.

    Those who try it say that it is a high without drugs, but they are playing suffocation roulette.

    Kimberly Wilson, 15, used a bicycle chain lock. Her mother found her.

    Gabriel Mordecai, 13, used a rope in his closet. His twin brother, Sam, found him.

    Chelsea Dunn, 13, used a belt inside her bedroom closet.

    "She was taken because she chose to do something really stupid, and it angers me," Chelsea's mother said.

    These teens, and others as young as 9, have all died playing the choking game. Ask almost any middle-school student and they have probably heard about it.

    "My friend was telling me that she was with people who did it and I don't know if she tried it or not, but they had fun doing it. It was like a game," one child said.

    "Instead of drugs -- to get a rush or something," another child said.

    "It's different. Everybody wants to try something different. Everyone's got a little Curious George in them," said Zach Davis, 15.

    The game has many names, such as pass out, dream game, blackout and flatliner, but the goal is always the same -- cut off your oxygen until you pass out. That is the first high -- death's door. Then comes the second high, when oxygen rushes back to your brain.

    A rush is what children seem to want. Some crave it so badly that many are playing the game alone using things that could be found around the house like bed sheets, dog leashes, belts and shoestrings. Whatever they're using, the results can be fatal.

    "If you cross that fine line where your brain is requesting oxygen, you're dead," aid Dr. Ashish Sinha, an anesthesiologist at the Hospital for the University of Philadelphia.

    Three minutes is all takes to do irreversible damage, Sinha said. Cutting off oxygen for that long can affect memory, balance and the central nervous system. Sinha used NBC 10 reporter Laurie Delgado's hand to show her how quickly oxygen can be cut off to the brain.

    "You realize your palm is turning white and getting cool. Watch it turn pink when I let go," Sinha said to Delgado.

    Frank Farley, a psychologist at Temple University, said that most of the children who play the game are "typical kids" just acting impulsively.

    "You get talking about it, or something, and then, well, they're like, 'Let's try that,' and the assumption is you're not going to kill yourself," Farley said.

    The parents of Kimberly, Gabriel and Chelsea all now know that their children played the choking game dozens of times before it killed them.

    Experts say it is an easy addiction to hide.

    "You check their eyes and you make sure they're not on drugs and you see other signs, but how would I ever see that sign?" said Kathy Davis, Zach Davis' mother.

    "The consequences are horrible. I guess if more people knew the consequences, more people thought about it before they did it, it wouldn't be as much of a problem as it has become," Zach Davis said.

    Here are some of the clues to look for that would indicate your child might be experimenting with the choking game.

    Bloodshot eyes

    Unusual marks on neck

    Belts and ropes with unusual knots found in your child's bedroom and tied to furniture

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    Thats f'd up, my kids ever try that, Iwill kill them my self...
    Why do we try so Hard for Little things, and so Little for Hard things?

    "There is no happiness without tears; no life without death. Beware, I will give you cause to weep"

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      I cant believe kids are doing that. Im not that old and when I was a kid I know I used to ride my bike when I was bored but never thought to strangle myself for fun.
      John D. MacDonald, "The early bird who catches the worm works for someone who comes in late and owns the worm farm."


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        We had a kid die here about a year ago from this (autoerotic asphyxiation). When it was suggested to the family that this was the cause of death the fight was on! Of course this family had a history of fighting with the police and generally didn't need a reason to throw down but this was a serious fight. Like 8 cops and 5 family members. Nothing like getting a family photo/mug shot at booking.
        Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


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          just a modified version of inhaling "dust off" an aerosal can used to clean the computer keyboard, does the same thing, cuts off oxygen, you go out, then hopefully,, hopefully come back,,,


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            What is that tempts some kids to try this stuff? Is it boredom? A lack of parental guidance? I dont mean having a parent around all the time, I mean having a parent who is available to talk without freaking out.........

            I am a child of the 70's and 80's..we had some weird stuff, but I just knew better, I guess


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              i'd say the biggest part is doing something that is "wrong" and risky,, the danger aspect is what draws them,, and uninvolved parents,,, now i know of a few parents that were very involved, but their kids were still idiots.


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                I'm not gonna read the article, I know what you're talking about.
                At middle school (I'm sophomore now) I remember some kids doing it in the locker rooms, I don't personally see it myself anymore.
                The deprivation of oxygen to the brain makes them get high. Trouble is, sometimes they black out and strangle themselves in the process. Kids are using everything now for it, like dog leashes or cloth w/ a door knob, or even their friends choking them out.
                Sometimes you can tell who does it at school by the marks on their throat.
                Well life is too short so love the one ya got cuz ya might get run over or ya might get shot.


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                  Kids were doing it to themselves when I was in elementary school all the way through high school. I never saw anyone do it to themselves, it was always something they did in the middle of a circle at a party.


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                    Originally posted by Styx
                    What is that tempts some kids to try this stuff? Is it boredom? A lack of parental guidance? I dont mean having a parent around all the time, I mean having a parent who is available to talk without freaking out.........

                    I am a child of the 70's and 80's..we had some weird stuff, but I just knew better, I guess

                    I remember kids in the late 70s who would hyperventilate themselves if they couldn't get pot.... I have had a step kid who would use the computer cleaning air cans when I had him at the shop with me. More than once I heard a crash only to go down to the tech room and find him nearly passed out .....never figured out what was going on until he passed out with the can in his hand, cracked the bench on the way to the floor and I couldn't wake him up for several minutes....that ended his part time job. Now he makes big bucks as a tech for someone and as a part time drug dealer. Total F-up

                    I think that kids who do stupid $hit like that are just plain old screw ups (trying to be nice) I never had the urge to "get high"....and I don't understand it or claim to.

                    Another case of some moron with no common sense. What bothers me is that they are influencing other kids with peer pressure. Maybe its gotten to the point that the good kids are trying to not be rediculed by the bad kids? Why is getting high such a big deal? Why is it a good thing? If its like the feeling of a head rush from the morphine I've had in the hospital....I"m sorry...I want no part of it and don't understand others who do.
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                      Had a case about 6 to 8 years ago, local gentleman, church attending, teacher, hung himself, wife came home found him in the bathroom with silk tie around his neck, pants down around his ankles. I was advised that as the brain gets low on oxygen the sensation is magnified. As is reported so many times "You would never have thought...", what drives people to do this sort of thing, if I was that smart I could probably win money on Jepordy.


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                        Hell, we had guys doing that during BMT when the TI wasn't around. They'd sit down, put their head between their legs and breathe REALLY heavily for about 30 seconds, then snap up and have someone choke them. They'd be out for about 15-20 seconds, twitching and would supposedly see some tripped out stuff while they were out.
                        "The world isn't as it should be. It's harsh. And it's cruel. That's why there's us. Champions. We live as if the world were as it should be, to show it what it can be."-Angel Season 4


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                          This is Darwinism at its finest people!


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                            Originally posted by IGrokIt
                            This is Darwinism at its finest people!

                            Beat me to it.

                            We are the thin blue line
                            between you
                            and all the money in the world.

                            And no you can't have any.


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                              Yawn.....who cares
                              Trooperden, akman75, & azmichelle ignored


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