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Verisign (formerly Network Solutions) and their deceptive practice.


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  • Verisign (formerly Network Solutions) and their deceptive practice.

    I own a couple of domain names, which I recently renewed. I get them through (a company I am very happy with) for $8.95 a year (the lowest price I've found anywhere).

    So I get a letter in the mail the other day from Verisign, telling me that my domain name ownership is about to expire and I need to fill out the enclosed form and send it back to them. It was simply addressed to Expiration Department.

    I flip it over and read the fine print. It's all a SCAM to get me to use them to register the name through them for 29.95 a year.

    I called GoDaddy and confirmed that my domain names were safely mine for at least another year. Apparenly, Verisign has been sending these letters to many of their customers and getting people to pay 3 times as much for registration because people don't realize that Verisign is simply another registrar.

    This borders on criminal deception in my opinion. And is a real shame for a company that touts its "integrity". I called Verisign and told them what I thought of their practice, as well as filing a complaint with ICANN (along with a lot of other GoDaddy customers). I also plan to ask the Postal Inspectors and my state Attorney General about the practice.

    So, if you own a domain name, beware of Verisign. Go to and save yourself some money while dealing with an honest company.

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    Hmmm...Interesting about VeriSign. I've thought about buying a domain name through GoDaddy. Glad to know they're a good company.
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      I'm very satisfied with them. I can own the name for 3 years for what Verisign charges for 1.


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        I also have a few domain names with GODADDY.. and got the same message from them...

        Nightshift.. glad you are doing all those things to report their ***... cause I am too damn lazy to do it myself

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          Nite and occiferdave,

          Why don't you guys go to the Federal Trade Commission website and file a report with them. If they choose to get involved, believe me it WILL get the attention of these jerks!
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            Our Attorney General loves getting on scam artists.


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              I use GoDaddy exclusively for my domains and got their warning email today also. Verisign is a scam.. nearly $30 for a domain name!
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