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Messin' with the FNG's


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  • Messin' with the FNG's

    I was on the thread of new guys who were expected to keep their mouths shut when they're in the FTO program. It occurred to me that I had many fond memories of newbies and their introduction to our world. I figure, once they graduate from the Academy, learn the basic paperwork, learn how to gas up the car and talk on the radio, it's time to introduce them to our sick, dark side. Anybody got some good FNG stories they wanna share?
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    why wait unitl they are through with fto,,,they are there, they are fair game, our most common, and yes i got hit with it too, was that if they left something laying around, unguarded, hat, rain coat, ticket book, so on, then lets say, a missing property report was in order. i know several that had to work a rainy day shift without their issued rain coat,,,
    or when on fto, you have to check your fto's car at the beginning of the shift, for hidden weapons, dope, so on so on,,well, some would dang near dismantle the car, not find anything, then at the end of the shift, the fto or another officer would put an empty throw down in the car, then the fto would pull it out,,,mount their ***, let them sweat all night about it,then the next day, tell them they did a good job, that wasnt in there after all, just stupid crap like that,


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      I left my keys in the ignition during a call, one of my partners got into my car and drove it several blocks away and left the keys in the front left tire.

      Needless to say, they waited till the SGT showed up too tell me where it was.


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        hahahahah, bet you didnt do that again.


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          Definitely not, but I definitely learned alot from it.

          Like how easily that could have been a subject.. or someone planting some 'stuff' in my car and I'd only know once the IA investigation was completed :P


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