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Is there a name for this??


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  • Is there a name for this??

    This happens often enough that I am sure there is a name for it. If not, then there should be.

    You know how when you eat a PayDay bar and inevitably, some of the pieces of peanut come off and fall to the floor?

    And then they get on the little plastic mat under your desk so that your chair rolls smooth?

    Then later, you're rolling around and one of your wheels gets stuck on the little piece of peanut grinding your chair to a sudden halt?

    And you are totally stymied as to what has stopped you and you just put a little grunt into it and keep on rolling?

    But it keeps happening and you look down to find a small little piece of peanut, so you pick it up and throw it away only to find through trial and error that there are other pieces of peanut.

    So...my question to the world is this:

    Is there a name for this condition of your chair being stuck repeatedly by the errant pieces of peanut after eating a PayDay candy bar?

    Ahhh....the dangerous and difficult career of a desk jockey! I really do get out to the field a good bit, I just never eat PayDay bars except in the office.

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    Yes....the Milky Way Syndrome....You haven't yet discovered they have no peanuts! lol


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      Its called the easy way to make peanut butter and if you move real fast there is a 15 second rule and you can get it off the floor and eat it. But don't let anyone see.
      "To each his own"


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        Come on guys! Don't tell me none of you follow the 15 second rule. It used to be a 5 second rule, but when the guts get bigger it turned into the 15 second rule. Took longer to get to the floor.
        "To each his own"


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          *mental note to self* Advise Sparky's boss that he needs more work to do.
          No partner is worth your tears -
          the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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            Roller interruptus?

            Nut blockage?

            goober stoppage?

            confectionary hindrance?

            dropping discontinuity?

            Rachel, not only does he have enough time to eat them, but he has time to ponder what to call the droppings.


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              I think he needs to come clean with us and tell us of the time he was rolling and was stopped suddenly (well at least the wheels) and he kept on going over and landed on the ground with a thud. LOL I wonder if that would be a reportable accident to OSHA? LOL

              Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                ***Mental Note to Self*** Don't eat at ftrphxcop's house!!!!


                You didn't specify whether that was your wheelchair or your walker...
                A closed mouth gathers no foot. --Unknown


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                      HA!! Great Stuff!!!

                      I think I like "Confectionary Hindrance" the best.

                      And for those who think we lollygag about around here, I'll say this...we have two speeds at my DA's office.

                      and Flat Out.

                      Try this...you'v got work from five prosecutors. Three of them have trial dates set for Monday. On Friday Before Trial (FBT), those three come to you saying

                      Pros. A: "I have trial on this case on Monday morning, can you find these witnesses. We don't have DOB's or addresses, but one of the other witnesses said they thought they lived by Park Ridge. But that interview was a year and a half ago."

                      Then Pros. B: "Hey, I got this case Monday. Can you go to the crime scene and take photos and get them blown up for me to use as exhibits in court? I'll need them by Monday morning."

                      Then Pros. C: "Sparky. On this case I take to the jury Monday, I just noticed in one of the statements that the gun used in the murder might have come from a crack dealer named Pee-Wee. The weapon was never recovered and I'm thinking Pee-Wee may have gotten it back. Can you find out who Pee-Wee is and see if you can recover the weapon over the weekend. Call the Crime Lab to see if they can do a rush test comparisson with the bullets recoverd from the body."

                      Then Pros. A comes back in: "Can you get with the law enforcement witnesses on my case and go over it with them because their case notes don't make any sense at all and have them walk you through the crime scene because they didn't do a sketch."

                      So...THIS is when I usually scream "SERENITY NOW!!"...pause for a moment and eat my Candy Bar!!

                      If ya'll don't like that, then I'm going back to keeping a bottle of scotch in my drawer.

                      Confectionary Hindrance....I like it!!


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                        I love these type of threads when I am feeling sick. They remind me that everything is going to be okay in the world!!


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                          LMAO.. Sparky this is too funny. Reminds me of the dilema I was having with the chocolate chips falling off my Chipwhich last week!

                          BTW, Wonderwomen, hope you're feeling better soon!


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                            Thanks Summer Rain...... its one of those dang colds thats like the Energizer bunny..its keeps going on and on and on and on....
                            However, it did let me get caught up on some forum posting!!!


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                              ***Mental Note to Self*** Don't eat at ftrphxcop's house!!!!


                              It's ok, My husband said i would make a great dietician for a hospital because all my food is bland. Hey, I never professed to be Betty Crocker. MY talents lie elsewhere.
                              "To each his own"


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