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  • City of God

    Has anyone seen this film? It is a foreign film on the slums of Rio De Janeiro and the gangs that have taken over parts of the city. Not only is the movie good, but I there is a special feature on the DVD that gives an inside look into the law enforcement aspect of the city, with an interview with the police chief. It is remarkable to watch, and see what truly happens in this city. Such a difference to what we are accostomed to in the US, it does not even compare. Did some research on the net and found this:

    "One of the most beautiful cities in the hemisphere, Rio de Janeiro today is most often described as a city under siege. There is no question that violent crime has increased significantly over the past decade. The homicide rate for Rio, for example, has tripled in the last fifteen years, rising from 2,826 murders in 1980 to 8,408 in 1994. Public concern has grown apace. The press, prominent civil leaders, and politicians have focused particularly on violence related to criminal gangs and drug trafficking. Unfortunately, law enforcement efforts to control crime have relied on flagrant and numerous human rights abuses. Despite the good intentions of some public officials, most of Rio de Janeiro

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    I have seen the movie as well and I thought that it was very good indeed. I am not usually one for subtitles (and probibly wouldnt have rented it if I had read the covor and seen it was sub-titled) but this one I enjoyed.

    As K9 decribed, it is a story about the "Underbelly" of Rio.

    I recommend it as well.

    *WARNING SUB-TITLED* for all the folks who dont like to read


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