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Problems with my Vest


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  • Problems with my Vest

    I posted this in the Duty Gear section, but did not get much of a response. Any insight would be helpful.

    I was issued a Tri-Flex Second Chance vest awhile back. It was not a problem for the first few months, but now it has begun bunching up around the stomach area. It is gradually getting more annoying and ill-fiting.

    Could this be that the vest needs to be replaced? (Date of MFG - 04/09/03) I would not think so since they are supposed to last several years.

    Could it be that the vest it too large? (I've lost about 15-20 pounds since being issued it, and it was just a hair big then.)

    The vest I had before did not have this problem. But it was OLD and not a Tri-flex.
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    not sure if it's all bunched up to the point of being useless now...but I'll give you a tip on something my husband does. His vest used to always bunch up and move up while wearing it...so he bought an elastic back support wrap (without the supports...it's very light and flexible) and wraps it around his midsection after he puts his vest on. It works for him. It actually looks like large white ace bandage. Try looking in a medical supply store. It really works for that, from what I've seen


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      Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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        Xtreme ZX?

        Originally posted by DUI_eliminator
        I bought my own vest two years ago. I bought an Xtreme by ABA. Its a XTZX2-1 level II. Its very thin and light and comes with a spare cover. The cost was around $900.00.
        This sounds like a ZX - they are all Zylon and have been recalled.

        See: http://www.sspba.org/news_bodyarmorlawsuit.htm

        I am still waiting to get my exchange coupons from ABA, but I bought another vest to replace the Xtreme while I wait.


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