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Would you travel abroad now ?


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  • Would you travel abroad now ?

    I was just wondering if any of you have cancelled foreign vacations since September 11th . Or if you have changed you vacation plans for next year as a result of the attacks.

    Would you have gone on holiday in Europe before but not now or is anybody still planning to go ?

    Your thoughts please.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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    I'm not going to let the terrorists scare me into staying home. I'm going to England in a few weeks!!

    With airfare as low as it is (US$450 round trip LAX-Heathrow), you'd be crazy not to take advantage of the bargains!


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      My dream vacation has always been to backpack across Scotland with my camera and lots of film.. If I had the money, I would not let the attacks stop me from doing so...
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        I wouldn't travel abroad before. Had nothing to do with terrorist. Well, some parts of the world it did, but, they don't make a seditive big enough to get me through a trans-Atlantic flight. I am terrified of deep water. The thought of flying in a plane over it for any extended time sends me to the edge of actual panic. Yes, that is my phobia.

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          Next week i'll be flying from DFW to Las Vegas. It's not "abroad" but it's still flying. I won't let terrorism scare me.

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            Wow, thats actually somewhat odd. What day you flying out? I'm flying out to Las Vegas from DWF as well, but on the 7th of Dec. What are you going there for?


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              I am terrified of flying.....PERIOD! I have flown with my husband. He tries to keep me distracted but the only thing that helps is holding his hand and closing my eyes. I have left finger nail indentions in his hands and it's not uncommom to shake his had when we get off the get the blood going again! lol It's just such a feeling of "no control" I have on a plane.


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                The events of Sept. 11th wouldnt be changing my travel plans, if I had any travel plans. Living in fear of dying is not living at all.


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                  Yes, I would definitely fly to Europe, no problem. I flew to Israel Feb. 1994 and to Bosnia Aug. 1994. Serious fighting was taking place in both countries at that time.

                  Israeli security is outstanding. The aircraft we were to take from Kennedy was sitting out on the ramp by itself, we had to take a shuttle bus out to it. We disembarked in Paris leaving all carry on luggage on the aircraft which was searched from one end to the other. When we landed at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv our luggage was searched. On leaving Israel we put all luggage outside our hotel room where it was picked up by security people and placed on the bus. At the airport every piece of luggage was thoroughly searched, we were then questioned individually as to what city/town we visited and the names of the hotels where we stayed.

                  Btw, In 1968 I was on a flight to California with my four children, about a half hour out from SeaTac we had engine problems and had to turn around. Everybody was calm until we landed and looked out the window to see ambulances, fire trucks and emergency vehicles following us down the runway.

                  I'm not afraid of flying, but there is no way you could ever get me to the top of the Space Needle, go figure.

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                    I'm glad to hear that those of you who do fly still will.

                    RaychelR anytime you want ot come over hear and hike about you do that. Your main cost would be the flight over you can get good quality cheap accomidation all over the shop. Next most expensive would be the drinks and only because of the volume. not that were a nation of alcoholics or anything.
                    Si vis pacem, para bellum


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                      Raychel, I always wanted to do the same but Ireland in particular. I think it would be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the cheap airfare deals. But i am having my house remodeled so no more trips till next year.
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