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Taking credit for what you don't deserve!


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  • Taking credit for what you don't deserve!

    Does it annoy you when your dept does this. It really bugs me. Our monthly bulletin came out this week. Among the highlights:

    1) Our Halloween program where we had officers give out candy while on patrol was a great success. Due to it crime and vandalism was way down this year. Because of its success we'll do it every year.

    My take - This halloween was among the coldest on record in our city. It dipped to the 20's and the wind was blowing in the 40's. No one was outside except cops. Not even tricker or treaters ventured out it was so bad. Crime was down because of the weather, not even the vandals wanted to be out in it.

    2) Crime is way down in our city this year thanks to the stupendous efforts of our police dept and their crime solving skills.

    My take - Crime is down drastically everywhere. Its a nationwide trend, not just our city. Whether we do good or bad is irrelevant to the overall trends.

    I just get sick of the admin putting forth untrue propaganda like this to the city to say how wonderful things are.

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    I'd rather have that then the usual....taking someone elses good idea and claiming it for themselves.


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      I find this sort of thing distasteful as well, however, when your funding depends on a bunch of city leaders who don't really know about LE...then "impressions" go a long way. It's all part of the game.

      The public doesn't want to hear about all of the factors that go into the rise and fall of the crime index, they don't usually have the attention span or the inclination hear all of the background data on demographics and whatnot.

      I don't get TOO riled up when agencies reap a windfall of credit for something they didn't do....after all, the po-po more often get blamed for things that aren't their fault. Why not stick a feather in your cap every now and then. They'll always be outnumbered by the black eyes we get and don't deserve anyway.

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        Somehow Zamboni, I just get the feeling that you are somewhat less than "glowing" in your innermost feelings about your current administration! That is too bad, because it makes life a little more difficult than it needs to be.

        Unfortunately, though you sure aren't alone. I've worked for administrators that I had tremendous respect for, but I've also worked for some that made you wonder a) how they ever found their way to work in the morning, b) how they ever found there way home at night, c) how they could look at themselves in the mirror while shaving, d) how they could collect their salaries with a straight face.
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          I don't really like our dept. Morale is at an all time low (at least for my career) and the city is slashing our benefits. We are constantly understaffed and other problems but the admin has the city so fooled with statements like the one I mentioned that they think everything is roses here.


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