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  • Lasik problems!

    I had Lasik surgery one month ago. All is going well and I now have 20/15 vision where before I had 20/400. Problem is that for one year afterwards there is a risk of tearing off the flap they cut in your cornea. To alleviate this were supposed to avoid wrestling, basketball, or other sports where you might get something rubbed across your face. Well my dept was going to put me through a ground fighting class. I told them I couldn't do it because of the surgery and they decided that I can't work at all then if there is a danger. So as of Monday I'm on sick leave until they are satisfied there is no problem. My eye doctor has never heard of a dept doing this to anyone and others on my dept have had it and not been put on sick leave. But they also didn't have to get out of a class and probably never told the dept of the risk.

    Its cool not working but I'm afraid they are going to screw me over and somehow make me wait a whole year to return to work. I've only got about 1 1/2 months sick leave built up.

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    Hit 'em up for a light duty-save the sick time.

    IF they will work with you...I have heard of some agencies (smaller, of course) telling the person/officer "We don't HAVE light duty-you're either an officer or nothing" but I assume yours is bigger than that.
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      I'm afraid I might end up being dispatcher Zamboni for a year (full body shudders). Thats what they have been doing with other guys who have had surgeries.


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        Here we had one of the local DJ's get lazik surgery and he was told that he could not do anything strainous for the first couple of days. He go his lazik done on a tuesday and that friday he was racing in his race truck. it has been over a year and he was racing every weekend after the lazik surgery and he never had a problem with it. I would say contact another lazik center and get a second opninion because over here the people who have gone through this are doing what they normally do after the first week. I would think that your class should be about the same. One of the best lazik centers in the nation is the lazik center of Iowa call them to see if that helps.

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          I have also been concidering lasik because I am 20/460 in my left eye and 20/480 in my right. I can see 20/15 with correction (I prefer my contacts to my glasses). I was informed of the risks and one of them was that the cornea could be lifted back up to one year after the surgery (for example, you can not rub your eyes). This was the #1 rated opthemologist in the state (according to Dr. Dave Nighta on News 4). Someone else I know has actually had the surgery (and I got to watch the tape of it and thought it was pretty cool ). He also told me (and he has a different doc) that about the same thing.

          This is my opinion (and not being a doctor, this shouldn't be taken the same way as advice from a doctor should), but I would think that after a few weeks, the cornea would have to take a good abrasion to be moved. I would think that you should be able to take this class after a month or so. This is just my opinion since I have not had the surgery yet.



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            I had LASIK surgery in Dec. 2000. In Oct. 2001, I had an enhancement done on my right eye. At that time the Dr. lifted the flap that he had made in the original surgery in De. 2000. If it had not completely adhered after 9 months, I would be leary of rubbing my eye until the Dr. told me it would be ok to do so.

            LASIK surgery is a neat and wonderful thing for those of us who were blind as a bat and had coke-bottle thick glasses, but you only have one set of eyes, and I sure as heck ain't gonna rub mine until the Doc says it is healed up completely!
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              Like TexReserve,

              I also had LASIK surgery, had an enhancement, and have not had a problem since. I rub my eyes all the time, wrestle with my grandkids, and nothing has affected the flap. I had 20/400 before the surgery, and now enjoy 20/20.

              I would talk with the opthomologist about the flap if I were you before I do anything that might injure it.

              Good luck.



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                A caveat,

                My wife had lasik about 3 years ago. She had a problem with dry eyes afterward and was miserable for well over a year. There is about a 3% complication rate. I would strongly recommend seeing an opthamologist who does NOT do lasik first, to see if there are any reasons for you to not have the surgery.

                If everything looks good, I'd check with the instructors of the class and see if it's OK to wear something to protect your eyes, like racketball goggles.

                Since she was 20/400 before the surgery, it was quite a shock the next morning to wake up, look over in my direction and see clearly. She eventually adjusted to such a shocking sight so early in the morning


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                  Just curious....what's the going rate for Lazik nowadays???


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                    Originally posted by Zamboni:
                    I'm afraid I might end up being dispatcher Zamboni for a year (full body shudders).
                    Actually this is not a bad way to go if you have to be off active duty. It will teach you something, it will give you an appreciation of dispatchers and the job they do. Sure, you dread it right now, but man it IS a paycheck and sure beats using up your sick leave then trying to go on long term disability.

                    I've had to "go say 10-4" for periods of time MANY times in my career. It is not as bad as you might think!
                    6P1 (retired)


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                      I hav a condition called natural nystagmus. It makes my eyes shake, like a drunks would but it is a natural condition caused my a defect. Something in the back of my eye compensates for it but that's what causes the shaking. The Catch22 is a see pretty well for some one with this condition.
                      Now, I have diabetes and that blurred my vision which scared me. But, with meds and diet, my sugar is coming down to normal levels.
                      Sad thin is, Lasik will help neither of these conditons. I won't wear contacts because I know people will stare at my eyes if I do because they shake. My tinted glasses pretty well cover that problem.
                      I have had 2 police officer ask me to take my glasses off and they were surprised because they had heard of natural nystagmus but had never seen anyone with it. One officer said, "Well, you just have hoochie eyes!" lol


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                        My dh just had lasik done a few weeks ago. He is THRILLED with the results. He was cautioned not to rub his eyes for the first 24 hours and then to be careful for a week or so. That's about it. He wears protective goggles when he plays basketball, but he would anyway because he got hit hard a couple of years ago playing, and his retina began to detach and had to be lasered back down. Maybe you could wear goggles for this training?

                        I have heard of the "flap can come up for the first year" theory, but I think that's very unlikely. Dh's doctor (TAYFOUR, in Windsor, Canada) is one of the top lasik Docs, and he never said anything about this to us. Maybe it's just an hairy eyeball legend.


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