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The very first car you owned?


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  • The very first car you owned?

    As my car just turned 220,000kl, I was remembering the very first car I bought. It was a Forest Green Honda Civic. Great for parking!!!!

    What was yours... and you don't have to tell the year!!

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    1977 Buick Skylark.......blue with a white vinyl top. 4 door to boot.......total old person car. But it was a running SOB and you could actually work on it without a degree in computer science.


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      The first car I ever owned was a 1985 Mustang GT that my dad bought for me. Fire engine red, with T-tops. That car would haul ***. Unfortunatly for me I totaled it after having it only two months.

      The next car I got was a Nissan with about 230,000 miles on it when I got it, no AC, a radio that would only pick up AM, and paint that was peeling. Dear old dad was teaching me a lesson about responsibility behind the wheel. The lesson didnt really work to well because about a month later I totaled it in the mall parking lot doing donuts in the snow.

      After that I rode the Schwinn until I turned 17 and I got a 1983 Jeep, which I turned over mud riding with some friends about a month after I got it , then I went back to the Schwinn for a few months until I hit my senior year in high school when my dear old dad felt sorry for me and gave me his 1990 Ford F150 XLT which caught on fire sitting in the driveway about a week after I got it. Fortunatly that was not my fault, if it had been my fault I probably wouldnt be alive to be answering this question.

      For the rest of the senior year I was back in the Jeep after good old dad fixed it up after the mud riding incident. When I headed off to college my dad sold the Jeep and got me a pretty nice Jeep Cherokee, kept it until I traded it in on the first car I bought on my own.


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        Mine was a '68 VW Beetle. Color: bondo red/ primer gray/ sky blue. The brakes were fried, had to pump 'em and pull on the emergency brake to get her stopped. No heater. Clutch slipped badly. Hell, daddy only gave $400 for it.

        I tried my best to tear it up, but it was built solid man. I had to get rid of it when the seatbelt law passed because someone had removed them, and we couldnt find any replacements. Good thing though, because it blew the engine about a month after I sold it. I felt bad about it, but the guy that bought it said he was wanting to completely rebuild it anyway.

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          1991 Ford Escort Wagon...Given to me by my parents (already paid for). Several months after I got it, I was involved in a minor accident, and my car was totaled. Luckily, it was the other person's fault, so now I drive a '96 Jeep Geep Grand Cherokee. I got lucky.

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            A 1969 chevy belair two door with a three on the tree. I had it for about four months. I had to spot rivit some corridated tin over the rusted out floor boards but that little slant six was a runner I think it had a 200 in it. was not that much into cars back then. It did not have a airfilter so I tried not to run it too much because road dust would eventually ruin the engine. I got a nice 71 maverick aftewr it but totalled that when I forgot to turn and went off a mountain cliff. I learned from that that you do not drink and drive. Was lucky I did not kill someone or myself. The imprint of a sterring wheel on your chest for a week is a good reminder too. I got a nice ford grand torino after that from my uncle who got me into law enforcement. It wasa old unmarked car and still had the good engine in it. I think it was the 440 incereptor but again not sure. I liked that car and had it till it broke for good in 85.

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              1972 Chevelle 2 dr. (Got it in '76) I'm looking for one again, I loved that car.


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                Mine was a '93 Honda Civic which I took over the payments from an Aunt in '96 when I got out of High School. The fisrt year she had it she put 50 Miles!!!! I ended up trading t in for a piece of crud truck when I got to Alaska. What a fool I was. I only had that truck 6 months until it fell apart. Lessons learned I tell ya! I have owned too many cars in a short period of time.

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                  1965 Forest Green V.W. Bug. It had an am only radio and no heat. I had to park it on a slope when I parked it in case I had to push start it. (which I got good at). It had a moon roof and topped out around 78 mph.


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                    Boy, I was getting worried at the top of the thread, and then felt better as it got to the bottom.

                    '68 Plymouth Roadrunner, fire engine red, black vinyl top. Originally was a 383, but was replaced by MA trooper who blew engine at races, with a 318. MANY custom parts. They don't build 'em like that anymore.

                    Still entirely too much car for an 18 yr old, but hey, I never caused any trouble with it.
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                      Hey SpecOps, we have a little something in common. My first car was a 1967 Mustang, but I sold that when I was 18 and went down to the Ford dealership and bought a brand new 1986 Mustang GT. Had it for a couple of years but sold it to my parents when I moved to southern Calif.(couldn't afford the insurance anymore). That's one bad-*** car. They still have it and won't let me buy it back, but my mom said it's already in the will for me to get it back when she dies.

                      Then I had a 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring, a 1985 Mustang GT w/t-tops, 1966 Mustang, 1987 Taurus, 1992 T-Bird, 1996 Grand Cherokee, 2000 Taurus, 1986 Buick LeSabre, 1986 Olds 98 Regency, and finally, I just bought a 1996 T-Bird with the V8. Whew....I'm tired of buying cars.
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                        1st car 67 hr holden premier model, 2nd car 68 wv beetle, 3rd car ford escort van,4th car 71 holden ute,5th car 75 nissan 4x4,6th car 69 nissan 4x4,7th car 80 toyota hilux,8th car 85 nissan 720 kingcab,9th car 90 nissan navara dual cab,10 car 92 nissan pulsar,11th car 95 mazda 121,12th n final car so far 97 nissan gq lwb 4x4 plus a couple of motor bikes in there for good luck


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                          The first car I ever owned was a BMW 325i that I bought right after high school. I still have it and still love it! Before that, my dad let me drive his Dodge Dakota to school, if I could have my way I'd have that today too. It'd do me good in the winter, my little car is rear wheel drive


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                            Mine is metallic dark blue '99 Peugeot 206 GTI. I really love my car. Its easy to drive and no parking problems. Its very powerful and secure (Bars, Air-Bag and ABS) BUT nowadays i really want 2001 GOLF 2.0 TDI. Golf's are really cool and great cars too
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                              First car was a bronze '66 Ford Mustang with a black vinyl landau roof. Bought it the summer of 1970. Sold it in '76 for $500 trade-in on a Chevrolet pickup. Wish I still had it, of course. Shoot, wish I still had the pickup for that matter.

                              Just bought a 2001 Honda Accord 4dr. Saturday. Traded in the Civic with 196,000 miles on it. Wife's car. The Civic would have gone another 5 years I'm sure but didn't have a rear middle seatbelt so where would we have put the baby carrier when we went out with our son & daughter-in-law & new grandchild? At least that was my wife's thinking. My solution was to leave one of them at home.


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