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Transition from Military to Civilian LE


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  • Transition from Military to Civilian LE

    I wasn't sure if this question should go uder "job postings" or "ask a cop" so I just opted for general discussion.

    I was wondering how many of you came from a military background prior to beginning your career in civilian Law Enforcement? I am planning on making the transition myself, but the prospect can be intimidating. Most departments have lengthy application/interview/selection processes which are difficult to complete while on active duty, especially if the department is on the opposite end of the country. I worry about getting out and not being able to find work for 6+ months, or having to get on with the first department that makes me an offer because I need the money rather than holding out for the department that I really WANT to work for. I have pretty strong credentials for my age, and (without trying to "toot my own horn") I am above average intelligence. Also, thanks to the Army, I am in excellent physical condition and I am well disciplined. I don't think I will have too hard of a time getting hired, it's just the amount of time involved in order to do so. I guess the bottom line is that I don't want to have to work at a fast food joint or as a mall security guard (no offense to you private security types) somewhere for a year to support myself and my wife while I wait to hear from a police department. How did you guys do it? What advice can you offer to make the transition smoother? I appreciate your help. Thanks.
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    Ha, I'm still waiting! My local sheriff's office is only NOW running background checks on a hiring process started in OCTOBER of 2002 (this is after implying we'd all get conditional offers within a few months ). Be patient, but be willing to work a temp job if the department you really want to work for is slow or if you don't get in the first time. Even really positive candidates can get shot down for any reason the first time (although you do sound like an awesome candidate!).
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