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  • *Faint*

    I have just been diagnosed with what looks like Type 2 diabetes, one us old f**** get. I had kind of wondered. Things didn't seem right. I woke up this morning with very blurred vision and my husband took me to the dr. The blood tes are being done but the dr is pretty sure thats what it is. I'm not surprised. My identical twin sister has it. So does my Dad.
    so, NO MORE CINNAMON BUNS for me! Not even Cracjker Barrel fried apples.
    This has been kind of scary. But, I could stand to lose a little weight and it's time. I'm not allowed to drive right now because my vision is so blurred. This happened one other time and I had to have my poor husband to come get me because I didn't fee I was safe enough to drive.
    It never ends for us. But, life always goes on.

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    Sorry to hear that, but you can handle it. Just for kicks, get a second opinion. Good luck.


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      Sorry about this new twist. Things have got to turn around for you. Our prayers are with you and the family. TAKE CARE.
      Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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        Oh, I can handle this. I as waiting for it because when my identical twin sister got it and then my Dad, I knew it would to me one day. It sute does make me feel weird. My vision is so blured and I feel so hot all the time (Not THAT kind of hot, MIKE! lol) What was a little scary is that my vision has been getting worse all day. Even when I left the opthamologists office, I could tell a difference between the time I went in and came out.
        It will just mean not driving for awhile until they figure out if it is diabetes, and I'm sure it is, and I get on a diet and medications. After all I have experienced in life, this seems like nothing.
        Funny thing is though, it has deeply distressed my son. I asked my husband not to tell him. But he did and he said he did for one reason.....Our son has been so hard to get along with. He took the car keys the other day and was gone for hours, knowing he was not supposed to drive. We did tough love. He makes the car paynets on his car but the insurance was in our name and we paid for it to try to help him out. So, we put the insurance back in his name and he has to pay for it. We told him we weren't losing all we had worked for all our lives because of his immaturity. He got infuriated and threw his keys in my face. So, I went in and took the brand new DVD player we had bought him because he couldn't dive and he'd have something to do. That made him even MADDER, so he threw the keys in his fathers face. So, my husband took the brand new lap top computer we had bought him so he'd have something to do. Our son was stunned but he didn't drive. He tried to throw a temper tantrum about not driving and said, "What are you going to take now, Mommy and Daddy, my TV?" My big husband said, "No, you won't be welcome to live here anymore."
        He sure was mad but seeing me sick seemed to make more of an impression on him then anything else. His father told him a person's mind and body can just take so much stress and I had reached my limit.
        He also explained that he was 25 years old and that he could see that he had done him a great diservice by not making him take responsibility for things and giving him whatever he wanted his whole life because he was our only child. This was something my husband and I argued about our son's whole life. My husband comes from wealth, I do not. But my husband, even though he was given so much, is nothing like our son. Our son seems to think it's his right and our duty to allow him to do whatever he wants, like his Dad has always done.
        Well, both of them are scared now. Good


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          I suggest you go buy a book called "The Zone" by Barry Sears, Phd

          My dad was diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes, and he was taking Gliburide daily. Under his Dr.'s supervision and this book, he is completely controlling it with diet and moderate exercise.

          Email me if you want more info!
          "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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            Thanks, I'll look for the book. It's hard to explain how bad diavetes can make you feel. I'm going to bed!


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