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Monetary Awards @ work


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  • Monetary Awards @ work

    Today we had "staff appreciation" day at work. I've only been working at this facility since January and I really don't know everyone as well as some others know each other. In our last paycheck we were given a sheet of paper to vote for the staff member of our choice. We were given 4 categories ie. "Positive attitude", "team player" ,etc. You give a name and reason why you are voting for that particular person. Two categories received a check for $100 and the rest $50.

    This is great and all, but the whole point of the "staff appreciation" was to recognize the staff as a WHOLE. We are a health care facility and without each other, we wouldn't be able to give our residents the best care possible. This includes EVERYONE and I don't think it should be a popularity contest. Especially for money. Voting for fun and giving that person a round of applause is fine. It's like your paying someone to be popular and it's not fair to the rest of the people who work just as hard. Everyone is a puzzle piece and if there is one piece missing, the puzzle just isn't complete.

    I didn't expect to get anything because I've only been there a short time, but I did get a cool Tshirt, a certificate of appreciation and a nice pin to wear on my nametag. I certainly don't question that we are ALL appreciated.

    I was wondering if you'd be on the "give them the money" bandwagon or the "everyone is equal, no money" bandwagon given the field that we are working in where it takes everyone's best efforts to get the job done on a daily basis.

    Would you have voted if you were me? I did vote, but then re thunk (if that's even a word!) the whole thing after talking to some other employees who thought it was stupid.
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    I agree the money thing is a bit much, but other than that it doesn't sound much different from "Employee of the Month" type stuff. It might be better if only supervisors put forth the names of subordinates who had performed exceptionally well, and then those in upper management voted on the "winner", vice an all-out popularity contest. That is the way it is handled on our department for Officer/Employee of the Month. We get pretty sweet gifts from the community (around $200 in gift certificates and free meals), so maybe it's not so different after all.



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