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    This is sad for obvious reasons, but some of us tend to forget the heath hazards this can cause.

    I have talked at length with people who were active in the eastern part of NC during after Hurricane Floyd, and it's unreal. To start with, how about checking on duty and for the next 14 hours, your shift is to scoot around in a boat and tie up floating caskets to trees after they have popped up from flooded cemetaries, dodging dead livestock the whole time?
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    Yes a flood can be one of the worse things to live through. All the filth and stench that goes along with the unsanatary conditions is a hard thing to cope with. I went through the floods back in 1990 and the great flood of 93 where Des Moines was a island in the lake of Iowa. We were without water for over a week when the flood waters over took the water treatment plant. I still have a video of that week and can remember the amount of property loss that occured along the Des Moines river and the Mississippi river. I know all too well the priceless stuff that one can lose in a flood and have it never replaced or compensated for. The sad thing is there was no flood insurance available back then.

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      I also experienced severe flooding in my hometown. Having a rowboat come to the front door, to pick up family members, cat and canary in a cage, was really incredible.
      There were catfish swimming around in the living room among the floating household goods.

      The amazing thing about floods it that we know which rivers have flooded, where the flood plains are, where hurricanes come ashore, and yet we still build in the path of potential destruction.

      The river that flooded us out, had been over-flowing its banks for 500 years, probably.

      So, why do we keep rebuilding with federal disaster funds, in areas that are high risk?

      A guy I know who lives in Corpus Christi said that hurricanes were good for the economy! Yeah, it hurts at the time, but oh my, the money to be made to rebuild, refurnish is incredible,says he.




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