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A real lie detector


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  • A real lie detector

    I read a book a while ago about a guy that developed a bona fide lie detector. Obviously, it was a work of fiction. But it got me to thinking -- what if someone actually DID invent something that could tell when people were lying. What would it do to society? Would we still need the police? The courts? Imagine how your life would change if you could never tell a lie -- even the 'little white lies'.

    What do you think -- will such a device ever be developed?
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    I sure hope not.

    Far too 1984 for me.


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      If it were 100% accurate, I would welcome this for use by the courts. Think of how simple trials would be:

      Hizzonor: "O.J., did you kill your wife?"
      O.J.: "No, Your Honor, I am not guilty."


      Hizzonor: "The Honesty TM400 Truth Machine says 'Wrong answer'. The court finds you guilty, sentencing after lunch break. Next!"

      No more media circus, no more drawn-out cases, no more backed-up dockets, no more innocent people getting pegged with crimes they didn't commit... You're supposed to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in court anyways, so what can possibly be bad about a machine that makes sure you do just that?

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        You'd just have to hope that you didn't have to have it installed at home...

        Ginger: Honey, do these pants make me look fat?

        Fred: No, dear, of course not! You look great!


        Ginger runs away shrieking into the distance, Fred sighs and puts a TV dinner in the microwave for the fifth night in a row.

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