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Daisy113t's Rapist Defamation Question in Ask a Cop


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  • Daisy113t's Rapist Defamation Question in Ask a Cop

    Originally posted by daisy113t
    Hi. I have a serious question. There is a person in my neighborhood who was charged and convicted and sentenced to 30-60 mos followed by 5 yrs prob. and life enrollment in Megans law, in 2002 for mollesting his infant daughter until she was 2. He still is not serving any time due to appealing his case. It was just infront of the superior court and reargument was denied, now he is appealing it to the PA Supreme court. So he is still in the street, he lives within 2 blocks of a school. My question is, do I have a right as a citizen to notify neighbors of this felon by ways of fliers, etc. or to notify the school by where he lives, or must I wait until after all of his appeals or serves his time to notify neighbors. What am I allowed to do and what am I not allowed to do as a citizen to notify others so that I cover my own butt so that I dont get into trouble for deff. of character, or whatever. Thank you for your responses!!
    The fact that he's back on the street pending the appeal of his conviction is only relevant to his punishment. Your question relates to a civil cause of action for defamation, with regard to which truth is always a defense to any defamation claim. If he was convicted at trial, you certainly don't have to worry about posting anything saying exactly what he was convicted of, and for all intents and purposes, if he was convicted at trial, you can also refer to him as someone who did (or is) whatever he was convicted of doing (or being). If you're worried, your safest bet would be to simply use the phrase "convicted of."
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    No longer ignoring anybody here, since that psycho known as "Josey Wales" finally got the boot after being outed as a LE imposter by B&G978. Nice job.

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