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Restricted Motor Vehicle and Driving Record


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  • Restricted Motor Vehicle and Driving Record

    How many of you have chosen to have your motor vehicle information and your driving record restricted? In Missouri, peace officers and their immediate family can send in a form to the state to have their information blocked and no one has access to it. I'm looking at doing this for my wife and I so the bad guys don't get any smart ideas. Just wondered how many of you have opted for the same program.

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    All my vehicles are confidential as well as my family members.
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      Here guys use the "office" address as home on their DL and tags.


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        In FL, you can go into the DMV and have a block put on your information. They are still able to see it in the system, but when it is run under public record information, it comes up as restricted. However, if you get pulled over by a LEO, they still have access to the information. Myself, and many officers I know have our information blocked, and just in case also use our department address for the address on both license and registration. Also, make sure if you have a CCW permit that you have that information blocked as well. In FL, you can also have the property appriaser list you under an alias.
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          Don't forget your Florida Homestead Exemption certificate contains alot of goodies, and is a matter of public record. Its a very "useful" source of information for PIs doing skip tracing, and for the large personal database companies.
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            In Pennsylvania driver's and registration are not available to the public. How ever some counties are starting to put property ownership info on line. In Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) the judges got the county council to take their info off the web site but the they then refused to do the same for police officers. What a CROCK OF ......
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