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Had a blast!!


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  • Had a blast!!

    Finally decided on a tattoo last night. And when i went to go get it the tattoo artist went out to dinner. So my cousins, husbands and i decided to go rollerskating. Yes rollerskating. Keep in mind the age range is 24-33. And the place caters to the young and teenagers. But it was fantastic. The rollerskates were the kind with 4 wheels corner to corner instead of rollerblades. I had not done this in 20 years and once i put them on i never forgot how to skate. It was awesome. Needless to say my son whom is 10 complained the whole 2 hours how the skates sucked. Ahh, the generation of rollerblades. After an hour everyone wussed out and i kept going till midnight. Pretty cool though. I think i just might like to make a habit of this sport.

    I did have a little question though? One of the cousins friends is 24 and his girlfriend is 17. (2 months shy of 18) But i was still concerned about this and made the mistake of blurting out loud "Isn't your girlfriend Jail bait." Well i thought he was going to get all riled up and instead he joked around and made fun of the situation. Then tells me In 2 months i can have her. I was floored but it seems to be a big joke surrounding me nowadays about how since i want to be a cop i must be a lesbian even though i have been married for 13 years. I don't even know how it got started but i hear things all the time since the girl i run with could be a model, she's that pretty. But even my husband is in on the so called fun. I can have fun with the rest of them but i sure would like to know why if i want to be a cop,why i am being considered lesbian. Is there a lot of gay women in LE? My sister is even in on it but her jokes are more tolerable. Like we were picking out clothes and i found a pink pajama bottom and she blurts out leave the pink alone porky. I can say that i have heard more pig and cop jokes alot lately. I need some comebacks cause i am getting sicck of just laughing about it. I want revenge!

    Oh! back to the question. What would you do about the 24-17 thing? Is this one of those mind you own business things? They seem happy.
    "To each his own"

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    Every state has a different age of consent. Here in the forward thinking People's Republic Of Maryland the age of consent is 16. The guy could be 50 and the girl 16 or 17 and nothing can be done.
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      TX is 17. Unless the two are less than two years age apart and neither is under 16.

      We ID for beer, tobacco and sex

      Oh, you mean all female cops aren't gay??


      My experience has found that most are rather aggressive regarding their heterosexuality. In a good way..... nevermind...I'll just shut up.

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        Not all female cops are gay. I'm certainly not gay. Although, i think I should be more butch just to get the job. This good lookin chick thing aint doing anything for me. heh.

        Roller skating. Ahhhh I used to love that. I can quad skate but put on a pair of blades and I'm road kill. Roller skting is awesome exercise! Why not feel free and have fun? I actually ordered a pair of Quad skates online! lol... ahh to be young again.
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          Well i'm not gay either and i just don't get the harrassment about it. I think i just might be getting a hard time because no one can face the fact that susie homaker is going to be a cop. Thanks for the input though.

          And the quad skate are the best, i suck when it comes to rollerblading and my ankles ache miserably.

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          "To each his own"


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            In Louisiana the legal age is 17. If I rollerbladed I wouyld probally have to be taken out by medivac if I fell. I trained a lot of female officers and never had qa problem. I aknow 99% of them were straight but I would't have a problem with a gay woman as long as she done the job. Once they put on that badge the police officers to me gay or straight as long as they can pull there own weight and do the job.
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              I'm a lesbian.


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                Gotta big ole' scar and a few little ones on my right knee, from learning to Rollerblade. I fell and twisted my knee, trying to not run over some little turd of a kid who cut me off in the rink. (I should've flattened the little ****.) Tore my anterior cruciate ligament and most of the cartilage in the knee. Two surgeries later, I decided it was time to quit the 'Blades.
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                  Like i said before i have no idea why all of the sudden i am considered gay. I think some people think this is one of the worst things to call a person but i don't see the problem with someone being gay as long as they don't try to force it on me. i'm cool My motto is "To each his own" I bet now that its coming down to the wire and my process is about over all the family and friends are trying to find ways to aggrivate me. I walked by my husband the other day and he said "Did you smell that?" I was confused and answered no. He then says he smelled bacon. We were driving to the store and he sees some cops stopped at the Jack in the box eating lunch and leans in and asks me if when we see each other is there a special snort we do to each other so we know the other person is a cop. Then while he eats pork rines he stops eating and starts apologizing like he ran over my dog. I am like what the hell are you apologizing for and he tells me that he might of ate one of my cop buddies. Please help me out with some come backs because i don't know how much more i can take.

                  My sister was at the rollerskating rink with me and had a teenage girl take her down while she was coming around the bend of the rink. My sister could not stop laughing enough to get up and had to have the rink security remove her from the floor. It was hilarious to watch.
                  "To each his own"


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                    Well you can always look at him and tell him no it was not one of my buddies it was your relative. Kinda put the shoe back on his foot and see if he likes it. You are going to get a lot of "pig" references thrown at you but just remember that pig stands Pride, Intelligence and Guts. Something every officer has and uses to stay alive out there. When my family members say something derogatory about the police I just tell them that I do not appriciate the reference and if they are soo against officers I better not hear or them calling for one when they need one. That usually did the trick. IF you have some that just will not cease I will try to help you out more. Best of luck.

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                      I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

                      As for your question........

                      In Pa, the legal age of consent is 16, provided that the other partner is no more than 4 years older (16 - 20, 17 - 21). And below 13 is a no-no, even if the other party is below 13 (but don't tell me how you are going to prosecute two 13 year olds for getting a little personal)
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                        Klar you are so cool and no they will not cease. It is down right embarassing sometimes when they tease me in public and other times i can't help but laugh. But i am waiting for the next pig remark and i will use your quick wit as my own.
                        "To each his own"


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