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    I think this is totally wrong -- and I don't think anyone could convince me otherwise. Ya know what is creepy to me? The camp counselors -- you can't tell me that they don't have thoughts going through their minds about young girls or boys. And I'm not saying that just because this is a nudist camp because as many of us know this kind of stuff happens between coaches, priests etc.

    Read about it
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  • #2 aol user I see. I saw this when I signed on tonight and about flipped out. Wasn't sure if I somehow ended up on AOL's pedophile chat group or something.

    How freaking weird!!!!!!!!

    Any normal person who sends their child to this better have some cash reserved for therapy in the kid's late teens after they remember being molested at camp by the weird old counselor.
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      Hmmm, I wonder if these kids are sexually active? Is this camp co-ed? I sure hope not some kid who just turned 13 is going to be running around the campsite wondering what just popped and why it did that? Running around jumping in the water trying to make it stop.
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        i think it's best if i refuse to comment on this. some people just can't take a joke sometimes.

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          Mike, one is opening in TX. [Wink]

          It sure is a good thing the bee picked that girls foot. It sounds like they don't even wear shoes. Imagine the callouses and blisters on their feet.

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            In my experience (which is extensive), kids are more likely to be molested at home by a relative, in school by a trusted teacher, at church by a trusted church leader, or elsewhere by a trusted family relative or friend.

            Child sex offenders aren't going to be flocking to nudist camps... and the presence of nudity will not turn you into a child sex offender.

            Child sex offenders operate on trust.. not nudity. If you want to know who is most likely to molest a child.. then make a list of the people that are entrusted with their care. Parents.. uncles... babysitters ... priests.. scout masters ... etc etc etc

            Distrustful of the couselors? You bet. But really no more so than others in similar positions.

            I've worked enough child sex crimes that I am suspicious about ANY adult who chooses to work or spend a great deal of time with other people's children... no matter what they may or may not be wearing.


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              I've worked enough child sex crimes that I am suspicious about ANY adult who chooses to work or spend a great deal of time with other people's children... no matter what they may or may not be wearing.[/QB][/QUOTE]

              You obviously dont mean you are suspicious of those who choose to teach children in a preschool or elementary setting...right?
              I worked in a couple of day cares and the YMCA my junior year in college. The day cares hired me on the spot and only one did a background check AFTER they gave me the job...i was there for two weeks before they told came back still have a job. The other place did not even bother. The YMCA did not offer the job until they did the check....which was fine with me. I was bothered that the day cares hired me without any check....I mean i am harmless and a good woman, but they did not know that; they were just desperate for help at the time and that same desperation puts those children in danger many times. They could easily hire a pedophile who would get some cheap thrills until the check comes through; if they even have a record Most state board officials suggest preschool & daycare teachers are never left alone with a child..only to protect the teacher so a child does not accuse her/him of wrong doing.....many times teachers call in sick or dont show so the student/ teacher ratios skewed....I will never place my child in a daycare; Id move home and let a family memebr care for her. That is one of the many reasons I stay home with baby bunny..I live too far away from those I trust...
              Then again,I had a babysitter once when I was a kid and her daughter used to like to play "seamstress" and "doctor" with me..put the pieces together. She was only about 12 and awfully curious and always left alone with me; I just thought it was a game. I started to think it was weird when her sister knocked on the door and asked what we were doing and she was buttoning my shirt saying, just sewing her shirt. Her sister called her a liar and demanded she ope the door. I knew something was not right and I was just a kid....if it was o.k what we were playing, why was the door locked and why was her older sister yelling at her? I was not traumatized but my mom does say I started acting funny so she quit her job and stayed home with me. It is only like a dream to me and I dont think I was hurt .....just thought I would get in trouble if I said anything. I did not tell mom until about 2 years ago and she was sad.....that was her friend who she trusted.
              Even though I was not hurt, I have always thought, what may have happened as that girl matured and her mom continued to babysit me.....who knows.
              O.K...nasty blast from the past; I have never told anyone but mom about we can call this therapy .....
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                Originally posted by Sparky:
                Child sex offenders operate on trust.. not nudity.

                Agreed, but pedophiles do use and collect pictures of naked children. So working at a nudist camp for children would, in my opinion, be a choice profession for them. And I think camp counselor could easily be added to the list of people that children are trusting of. I'm with the way my child would be staying at this type of camp.

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                  I hear you Sparky. I just thought if you had a camp counselor who likes to work with kids there is no better setting than a nude camp. I don't know...I definitely don't have the background in sex crimes like some of you here, this just really disgusts me that's all. And I'm not a prude either, I have no problems with adult nude resorts. Adults are mature enough and educated enough to make their own decisions. Young teenagers are still too vulnerable and susceptible to influences around them IMO.
                  Dance like no one's watching -- Sing like no one's listening, and work like you don't need the money.


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                    "...pedophiles do use and collect pictures of naked children. So working at a nudist camp for children would, in my opinion, be a choice profession for them."

                    True. And you are spot on. Finding pictures of nude children in nudist/naturalist settings in the possession of child sex offenders is very common. Such images are called "child erotica" which includes a differentiaion from "child pornagraphy" which depicts children in explicit sex acts.

                    Nudists are extremely aware that those catering to the tastes of child sex offenders may try to gain access to otherwise legitimate (if not questionable) nudist/naturist activities. what may be considered reputable nudists/naturists will actively guard against this.

                    Of course, there are less than legitimate nudists and naturists group who operate under otherwise legitimate pretenses for no other reason than to facilitate the collection of child erotica, etc.

                    While photos of nude children are collected by child sex offenders, so are any other items which they may find attractive.

                    In the majority of cases where I have seen collections of nudist children, I have also found pictures of clothed children from store catalogs, and photos taken at the local swimming pool or water park.

                    One defendant had bought dozens of pairs of childrens shoes and underwear. To him, these were erotic items.

                    Child erotica can be collected anywhere there are children present.

                    Now.. it is not my position that nudist/naturist camps are somehow safer.

                    However, I must observe that while many such activities intended with all good intentions who actively counter such child erotica collection may actually be safer than.. say... the local water park, where such active awareness is lacking, yet child sex offenders have increased and easier access due to their openess.

                    Think about it. Who looks twice at the guy with a video cam at the kiddie slide in the local water world. Is that HIS kid he is taping? How long has he been there?

                    Also.. do not misunderstnad me to think that may spider sense don't go off with a nudist camp. they certainly do. However, they also go off for any other activity which I recognize may attract or enable child sex offenders, or those who cater to them.

                    Anyone is very correct to be warry of a nudist/natursit camp. My only point was that such concern should also be extended to any other activity involving children.

                    Bunny-Foo-Foo: thanks for sharing that story. I know it was difficult. However, I think you demonstrated the reality of these events very well and others may benefit greatly from your having done so.

                    Okay.. I'm done with this thread. The process of getting into the head of a child sex prevert creeps me out.


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                      two jobs i wouldn't want at a nudist colony: being the center on the football team NOR the quarterback lining up under center.

                      and don't EVEN mention the tight end position!!

                      come to think of it...i wouldn't want to be the vendor at the hot dog stand either!!

                      but then again, the most popular guy at a nudist camp is the guy that can carry a pot of coffee in each hand PLUS a dozen donuts.

                      the most popular woman is the one that can REACH the last donut!!

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