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Women and crime


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  • Women and crime

    Someone mentioned this to me, and I've been researching it:

    at the end of FY 2001, Texas' prison system (which operates below capacity, thanks to our continueing prison-building program) had 127,066 male inmates, and 7,197 female. While the total numbers have climbed slowly but steadily as the continual increse in beds means tougher and tougher parole restrictions, the proportions remain the same: only a small number of women are incarcerated.

    According to criminal history breakdowns, as of FY 2001, 49% of male inmates were serving sentances for violent offenses. Of the females, 42% were serving for violent offenses.

    On Death Row, 439 males, 7 females; with 10 males executed so far in FY 2002, and 14 more slated between now and 6-26.

    Anyway, women are arrested and convicted at vastly smaller rates than men; any opinions as to why? I checked state-managed parole and probation stats, and the numbers still hold up, so its not as if women are getting lighter sentances or easier parole standards. I checked a couple other states, and the numbers seem to hold true.

    Any opinions why this is?
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    Well, Im not a Dr, or socioligist, or a criminologist. I'm just someone with some CJ classes, and a police academy under my belt looking to get into state LE.

    Women at birth are not trained to be violent.
    Males are told it is good to be aggressive it is good to run around wild and play, it is good to be active in sports etc. Male children gravitate toward sticks,rocks, weapons. As they get older, they seem to idiolize war, soldiers etc. all that fun stuff. Fast cars, motorcycles etc. This goes on and one throughout some kids life.
    women on the other hand are raised (normally) to be nurturers, they see this in their parents, peers parents, society etc.

    Another theory is simple, testosterone and other similar hormones that produce/excite/expound agressiveness are way more prevalent then in men. The hormones/chemicals that allow you to remain calm in a tense situation are found in higher concentrations in women. Now, you can train yourself to remain calm in tense situations, reduce the effects to some extent of the adrenaline rush, such as tunnel vision etc. As I said take this as you will. I am not a medical expert nor can I site studys that prove this.


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