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Term Limits for Sheriff's


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  • Term Limits for Sheriff's

    Since it is election season, I thought I would bring up this topic. The State of Colorado passed Term limit laws for elected city, county, and state officials. All elected officials can only serve 12 yrs.(3, four yr. terms) in office. Here in ElPaso County, the Current Sheriff can not run for re-election because he has served passed the 12 year limit. He was elected prior to the enacting of term limits legislation. My question, Is term limits a good thing or bad thing for Sheriff's? I'm sure there are pros and cons for term limits

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    Kind of a fruitless arguement IMHO. IF he is not elected, then his term IS limited, right? [Wink]
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      That's pretty much my thinking. A Sheriff can be in office as long as the county voters keep re-electing him or her. If not re-elected then their time is done. The idea of term limits is already built into the political/voting system.


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        The last time I checked the statistics, over seventy percent of incumbants were re-elected. In several documented cases, the ballots were printed, the incumbant died, and was still re-elected.

        The idea is to break this cycle of re-election and get the government back into the hands of the people and not just stuck in the hands of a few politicians. Due to term limits however, the politicians here in California just play musical chairs with different political offices.

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