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OSHP On DUI Stop Hit From behind By ANOTHER DUI


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  • OSHP On DUI Stop Hit From behind By ANOTHER DUI

    An OSHP Trooper had stopped a suspected DUI early this moring on I70 near W Broad St in Columbus. He had the DUI suspect in the back of his unit when another DUI suspect swerved off onto the berm striking the cruiser in the rear.
    Both DUI suspects treated for injuries then taken to Franklin County Jail. Trooper suffered minor injuries and will be treated and released. Columbus Police and Franklin County Sheriff's units responded.

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    Did he have his emergency lights on or just his 4 way flashers?
    Cowboys in town. Trouble expected.


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      Lite up like a frickin' Chritmas tree. Not allowed to do just the 4 ways here.
      Too many been hit on freeway to risk it


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        Out here the opposite is recommended. The debate on that issue is endless and we will never know why the drunk hit the car, but thats why I don't keep my lights on when I'm stopped on the freeway. Don't want a drunk getting locked onto my lights. I only use them if I'm stopped in a really bad place in a situation beyond my control.
        Cowboys in town. Trouble expected.


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          Question ?????

          What "Theory" or "Proven Tests" show a drunk gets "locked" on a patrol cars lights ???? I can't find any and I review studies all the time regarding officer safety etc.


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            I couldn't tell you. I've never read any or been a part of any. I'm just telling you whats recommended here. Knowing how the Highway Patrol in CA has a study to study every study they do, I am confident they have looked into the issue before making the recommendation. But who knows, maybe someone many years ago decided it was a good thing to turn them off for some reason or another and the recommendation has never been challenged. I'm not saying that keeping lights on is right or wrong. But in my 20yrs experience I have yet to be hit by keeping them off.
            Cowboys in town. Trouble expected.


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              I light up the night with all my emergency lights when I am on stops.

              I have never been hit while on a traffic stop. But I did have a drunk go to the right of my patrol car down into the ditch once. He said my lights "blinded" him. Thats funny, out of the thousand other pedestrian cars that pass me none of them go in the ditch.

              Maybe that is because they are not at a .25 BAC
              Retired 02/01/13


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                Originally posted by DUI_eliminator
                The drunk hit the car because .........he was drunk....duh! These people should be taken out back and shot in the head like an old dog.
                Yeah no $#!t, I think the fact he was drunk was made clear when it was mentioned in the title of the post.
                Cowboys in town. Trouble expected.


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                  seems like we have had alot of troopers struck in the last few years. I know if you visit their website you can view about 6 of 'em..

                  Stay Safe!! (lights or no lights )


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                    Just Jumping in for a second.....

                    There are times when the flashing lights will blind me. but only for a second or two. and its usually due to the terrain, ie a hill or a pot hole that jars the truck.

                    If a person does not watch them selfs, they will get into the lights, it happens to me especially when I am driving toward the end of my eleven hours. I make it a special point to know where you are before I get to you and to know where I am as I go by. ie not focus so much on the lights

                    What scares me is the traffic behind me.

                    As I swap into the left lane to give you room. someone thinks (or just impatient) I just cut them off. Before they see why I changed lanes, they cut into the right lane while hitting the gas. This will push them over the white line into the LEO's on the side

                    I've seen way to many close calls in that right mirror

                    Be careful
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