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Give your opinion on this Series of Unfortunate Events for Greeny


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  • Give your opinion on this Series of Unfortunate Events for Greeny

    I moved this over from Ask A Cop since civilians aren't supposed to answer posts there.
    Hello everyone. Let me just start out by saying that this post is not intended to be anti-LE in any way. I actually want to go into law enforcement. My recent college decision came down to attending the United States Air Force Academy (got a congressional nomination ) or a University to study criminal justice, language, and business, then go into LE, and hopefully federal eventually. Now, with that said, I want to tell the story that in my eyes was innappropriate and very unfortunate. This is COMPLETELY unbiased, and I tell it to you exactly as it happened. Now please give opinions, whatever they may be.

    On a Friday night last winter, I was out with a small group of friends (8 people). We were at a local playground playing tag on the equipment. At 1145 (2345 hours for you officers ) a police squad car (Saint Paul PD) entered the parking lot of the playground. Seeing that a police car had pulled up, my group of friends and I came off the equipment to speak with them.
    At this time, one of my friends was asked by female officer #1 "What do you think we're going to say to you?"
    He respoded "You want us to go home?"
    "Oh no, you're not going anywhere"
    At this time, I realized this wasn't going to end well. She and her other female partner asked our ages etc.
    She told us we could either get arrested for tresspassing (there WERE signs posted saying the playground closed at ten, which we unfortunately did not see) or get taken in for curfew. Obviously, we opted for the curfew option. She told myself, and one of my other friends to leave since we drove. And one friend was 18 so he was released.
    They then proceeded to place the remaining 5 of my friend all into the back of a single squad. Keep in mind we aren't small. They were cited for curfew violations and released. End of story.

    Now that the story has been told, let me give my personal opinion.

    -It is incredibly inappropriate to transport 5 fully grown people in the back of a single squad car. I mean my girlfriend had to sit on my friends lap the entire ride downtown. Its a huge safety violation if nothing else, and the police certainly should have known this.
    -It was 1145 when they came. The citations said they arrived at 1205. This means that they blatanly LIED. Unacceptable and this creates a huge breach of trust and certainly does not help relations with the public. This bothered me the most of all their actions.
    -They claimed that they let the three of us go because we were all eighteen. NOW LISTEN TO THIS. THEY TOOK IN MY TWIN BROTHER, BUT NOT ME. Both 17...explain how one of us could be taken in and not the other, given that they only released the three of us because we were "all eighteen". I think the reality is they didn't want the paperwork of towing two vehicles. Another LIE.

    This left me and others feeling alienated and incredibly frustrated. Luckily I have taken two ride alongs with SPPD, and have come to realize that for the most part it's a good department with good people.

    Please give opinions on if you think it was appropriate or not, etc. And if anyone is interested I could tell about the aftermath of this incident.
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    Playing tag?

    NOW,,,,. I can throw in my .02 for Greeny's Series of Unfortunate Events. Greeny, bro...what kind of mental midgets do you think you're dealing with on I find it funny (and very unappreciative on your part) that you were cut a huge break by those officers, and yet you have the juevos to complain about it,,,,,to a bunch of COPS. Take your spanking and get over it. You broke DA LAW. Sounds to me like you could've gone to the pokey yourself (and perhaps you would have gotten tagged), but the nice law-ladies saw fit to release you.

    You're 17 and PLAYING TAG?? Sorry,,that dog don't hunt. I ain't no law man but I do have a sensitive Bullsheit-o-meter,,and you pegged it with this story. You may have been attempting to Play Tag with "da booty". Maybe that's what you call it in your neck of the woods. We call it Knockin Boots, Gettin Busy,,etc.

    Please accept this nugget of wisdom from an old Air Force phart,,with an attitude like what you've displayed in Greeny's Series of Unfortunate Events, you wouldn't last an HOUR in the AF academy. Stay AWAY. Go to college and play tag there.

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      ......I think you BOTH make very good points.
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        Last edited by Harleydude; 01-12-2006, 09:41 AM.
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          All parks I know of in most communities close at dark or at a set time so it is doubtful anybody is going to buy that not one of you "children" didn't know the park was closed.
          As for a curfew violation it is a just charge.
          Transporting 5 in one car saved gas and time. Was it uncomfortable? Good it was meant to be. Part of lesson to be learned. Was it cruel or or a violtaion of your rights ? No not hardly.
          Did anybody suffer anything more then a insult to what dignity any of you idiots had ? NO !!!!

          Maybe you learned a little but doubtful.


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            wow is this still draggin on
            "here's to us and those like us .....damn few left"


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              Originally posted by narc
              wow is this still draggin on
              Is it still draggin on?? Yes, but here's why. I found this post in the "Ask a Cop" section. requested for civilians to quit posting answers in that area. I wanted to opine, so here it is. backatcha.

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