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    DMS beat me to something that occured to me today-she might still get a "death" sentence. Those MAX security female prisoners will not be very kind to her, They are still wives and daughters themselves, and many will have nothing to lose.

    Oh well...
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      I caught the tail end of a CNN interview with one of her lawyers. Something about going for a misstrial because one of the jurors used an episode of L&O where a woman killed her baby, plead crazy but was'nt jury bought story. The juror used it as the "key" reason to find Yates guilty. Anybody heard about this or is it I who has gone crazy?


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        Mr Yates has been all over the "news" announcing that he is suing all the medical personnel he can find for not taking proper care of his wife's mental illness.

        It has also been reported that 'he wanted as many children as God would give him'(paraphrase) and that's why they kept having kids after it was obvious the last 2 or 3 were giving her post-partum depression big time.

        He takes no responsibility for her illness, or for leaving her alone with those children.

        Why wasn't he on trial too?

        The dog mauling couple are both on trial, even though the husband had left for work. He had knowledge of the dogs' dangerous tendancies, yet left his wife to take them outside, when he knew she had trouble controlling them. So, he was charged too.

        Seems like the same principle would apply. Daddy Yates knew his wife was unstable and depressed, yet he left his defenseless children alone with her.



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          Uhmmmm interesting question. I will have to thin on this for awhile. But it does sound like making parents responsible for thier spouses even if the spouse goes off the deep end. Like if I was to all of a sudden go crazy and start blowing people away Then sandie could be charged with the same crime because she knew that I was a little unstable and could have forced me into some place that would have drugged me all up and kept me from harming anyone at all. IS this right?

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            Klar, I don't think that your wife would be charged in the situation you stated. The reason the Yates' case is different is due to the fact that this was an ongoing problem. It seems that the husband wanted sex and kids, but he did not want to take any responsiblility for the kids. What I don't understand is this whole thing of living in a bus for years!? Did anyone see the Dateline special Sunday night? The husband seems very strange. He was laughing during interviews about how he threw a chair across the backyard when he first found out. He has also implied he is dumping her.

            He made a statement somewhat to the effect of, I'm staying in my current house to remember my kids. It's kind of bitter-sweet.

            Also, in most cases where the husband did care, he wouldn't hold a press conference virtually every other day. I think he should be charged as an accessory. Just my thoughts.

            Also, DMS and SGT., thanks for bringing up that point, because I had not really thought about that. Death is the punishment in many instances for child molestors even though the judge gave them "life."



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              Fry the bitch I say.

              But she got life...I think that she won't last for all her sentence. There will be a time when there are no staff around...


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                I firmly believe in capitol punishment. I think that it should be considered in many more cases then it is currently being used.
                However I think Yates has a mental illness which prevents her from knowing right from wrong. She felt she was saving her children and that they all would be reunited in heaven.

                I am in no way defending what she did ...it was the most disgusting and unspeakable of crimes. She was/is ill and needs treatment. Obviously her husband who kept breeding her did not care what happened to her psyche with each child she bore and did nothing about her illness as she worsened. This woman needs help that she will never get in prison and I do pity her.



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