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  • Your not going to believe this

    maybe you are....

    "In these modern times, many men are wounded for not having weapons or knowledge of their use."
    -Achille Marozzo, 1536

    Ne Obliviscaris - Do Not Forget

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    That's old... got it posted in all of our Intox rooms.

    Still funny though
    What is it about, "Thou shalt not.....", do some people not understand?
    Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


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      That is in a magizine advertisment. It might be in one of those "people do stupid things, but paying to much for car insurance shouldn't be one of them" ads.
      When a crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout
      get the, good looking guy


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        along those same lines....an officer I work with pulled someone over for possible dui and approached the car to find the susp trying to eat one of those tree air fresheners. It took him a couple minute to regain his composure after seeing that...
        Yes that's how my target looks when I'm done with it...


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          Originally posted by Bluntforcetraum
          Where'd that happen exactly? I remember reading it somewhere, but I can't remember if it was in my local newspaper or on the internet. I know it's Canadian, though. It's not an ad; it's the real thing.


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            ...and the guy blew the legal limit of .08, but was aquitted??? Juries sometimes baffle me.
            God made cops so firemen would have heroes.

            You do not greet Death; you punch him in the throat repeatedly as he drags you away.


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              Originally posted by Da Po-po
              ...and the guy blew the legal limit of .08, but was aquitted??? Juries sometimes baffle me.
              Me too.

              How'd he manage to get his underwear off so fast? I don't know about other people, but the average time it takes for the police officer to get to my window when he stops me is about 20 seconds, sometimes even less. Heh, my second last traffic stop didn't even last 30 seconds.


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                A friend of mine's father used to work as a psyc nurse at the local Mental hospital here. When she was about 12 he brought her to work one afteroon and took her to ward when the most "ill" people were being lodged and there was a guy sitting there rocking back and forth nibbling on a pair of underwear.

                As the story goes, he noticed the look of terror in her eyes and said something like, "See sweety, that's what happens to you if you smoke pot!"

                The image of buddy eating his underwear stayed with her until she was in her early 20's, and it wasn't until she was in university sitting in a crim class that she had one of the those light bulb moments and realized, that her dad had lied to her!!!!


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                  Originally posted by Da Po-po
                  ...and the guy blew the legal limit of .08, but was aquitted??? Juries sometimes baffle me.

                  Are you kidding me? In Canada I've never seen a jury trial for drunk driving. It's hard enough to get a conviction from a Judge!
                  You are now entering the Twilight Zone...


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                    Originally posted by Twilight Gal
                    Are you kidding me? In Canada I've never seen a jury trial for drunk driving. It's hard enough to get a conviction from a Judge!
                    Sentence too light: families
                    By Betty Ann Adam
                    The Star Phoenix
                    December 21, 2004

                    BATTLEFORD, SASKATCHEWAN -- A 10-year prison sentence is not long enough for a woman who killed six people in a drunken auto crash near the resort village of Cochin on Canada Day, the families of the victims said Monday.

                    Norma Jean Mooswa, 35, pleaded guilty Monday to six counts of impaired driving causing death and four counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm in connection with a chain reaction smash-up. It was triggered when she slammed into the back of a vehicle waiting at a stop sign around noon on July 1.

                    All four of her passengers, including a pregnant woman, and two women in the vehicle she hit, were killed. Two men in that vehicle were seriously injured.

                    "We expected her to get life in prison. Ten years for all six lives? What are you talking about?" said Lisa Higginbotham, who took the witness stand to give a victim impact statement about the death of her daughter, 21-year-old Tarrah Higginbotham.

                    "Tarrah doesn't get to come back when she's 31," Higginbotham said.

                    Crown prosecutor Dennis Cann recounted evidence from witness statements.

                    Mooswa began drinking beer the night before the crash and may have stayed awake all night. Around 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, July 1, Amanda Bearsears phoned to the place where Mooswa was and asked for a ride to the Little Pine First Nation.

                    Mooswa, whose licence was suspended because of previous drinking and driving offences, and who was at that time facing another impaired driving charge from three months earlier, was a passenger on the drive to Little Pine.

                    At a house there, Mooswa drank beer, vodka and whisky. Bearsears is said to have warned Mooswa not to drink because she was to be the driver. Mooswa laughed and took another drink from her mug, Cann said.

                    For some reason, Bearsears, who was four months pregnant, Lorenda Assasayo, Elvis Kennedy and Clarence Louis got into a car with Mooswa at the wheel. They stopped at a gas bar, where witnesses saw that she was intoxicated. Kennedy bought 18 beer.

                    The crash scene was about 110 kilometres away.

                    Witnesses said the Mooswa car passed at least three vehicles on a solid line.

                    Three other vehicles were waiting at a stop sign near Cochin when Mooswa slammed into them from behind.

                    The speed limit on the road was 80 kilometres per hour, slowing to 50 near the stop sign.

                    A "black box" device from the car she was driving revealed that five seconds before impact, it was travelling 160 kilometres per hour.

                    All passengers in her car died at the scene. Mooswa was saved by an airbag. When the airbag and seatbelt were cut away, emergency staff found a beer bottle held between her legs, Cann said.

                    Higginbotham and Meyers were in the Toyota Echo that took the main impact.

                    One of two surviving male occupants of the Echo, Keith Oftebro, said one of his best friends died in his lap. Oftebro was aware that many of his own teeth were knocked out and something was horribly wrong with his neck. He spent several months with a metal "halo" supporting his broken neck as it healed. He lost about 30 pounds during the months when his jaw was wired shut.

                    As he waited to be rescued from the crushed vehicle, he checked the girls for a pulse and found none. He knew that his friend Brian Lowe was seriously injured. He was terrified.
                    Those killed were Higginbotham and Meyers, 24, both of Saskatoon, Bearsears, 25, Louis, 48, and Assasayo, 19, all of Moosomin First Nation, and Kennedy, 41, of Cut Knife.

                    Lowe and Oftebro were hospitalized. Donald Pattinson and his three-year-old son, Colby suffered minor injuries.

                    Queen's Bench Justice Donald Krueger received more than 20 written victim impact statements. On Monday, court heard from the mothers of Higginbotham and Angela Meyers, the 15-year-old sister of Meyers, and Oftebro.

                    "You are a mass murderer. . . . Anyone who knew of your drinking patterns and laughed or turned their heads is guilty too," said Meyers' mother, Jane Campbell.

                    All statements expressed outrage, intensified by Mooswa's criminal record, which includes three previous convictions for drinking and driving, two of which resulted in previous jail terms.

                    Mooswa also pleaded guilty Monday to driving drunk and driving while disqualified in April 2004 and to failing to appear in court on that matter.

                    She also pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified in the July 1 crash.

                    Higginbotham said Canadians should press politicians to create tougher penalties for drunk driving and for those who drive while disqualified.

                    "There have to be serious consequences for driving while disqualified or what's the point?" she said in an interview.

                    Mooswa hung her head and cried, sobbing audibly for the entire two-hour hearing. She attempted to regain her composure to speak before sentencing but was only able to choke out a few words before lapsing back into sobs.

                    "I'm really sorry for what's happened. I always will remember . . . " was all she said.

                    As she stood wracked by sobs, her husband joined her in the dock and placed his arm around her.

                    "A vehicle is a very powerful machine, capable of destruction," Krueger said.

                    "When armed with an impaired driver, they are like a bomb. The difference is bombers pick their victims. Impaired drivers kill at random," he said.

                    Krueger accepted a joint submission from the Crown and defence lawyer Don Worme and imposed 10 concurrent 10-year prison sentences. He sentenced Mooswa to time served -- almost six months -- for the April offences.

                    Krueger sympathized with the families who felt the term was inadequate, but said the 10-year global sentence is the longest ever imposed in Saskatchewan for this offence.

                    Cann said he has heard of cases in other provinces that resulted in sentences greater than 10 years but noted that some of those have been reduced to 10 years on appeal.

                    One of the girls that was killed in that accident went to the same school as me and her brother was my graduating class' valedictorian. Less than a year later, this lady is now serving her time at a healing lodge. Load of crap I tell you.
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