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No more codes ....... per FEMA?


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    10 codes ...bye bye..just emailed the Chief as to hasten the process of ridding my department of them early.
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      With the increased focus on ICS and mutual aid it's common sense.
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        We were talking about this in squad meeting this morning. Why can't FEMA just dictate that if there is an emergency, no one uses 10 codes? When things are "normal" and they are not around, let us use what we are comfortable with.


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          F*** Fema.
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            I think there are communications that the public just does not need to know. I think if an officer was to use plain english on some radio requests like "send another unit", "check wanted/warrants", might elevate the level of threat for that officer if the subject/suspect was to over hear. They should come up with a national 10 code for local, state, and federal agencies.
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              Originally posted by ufresdave
              Heres an idea: how about using plain english DURING a nat'l emergency, and leaving us alone the other 99.999% of the time?
              I second that. better yet, standardize all 10 codes for everyone, nationwide for the other 99.9993333333333333%. Problem solved. Thanks, government
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                I agree with everyone having the same 10 codes. Any dept. that does not use codes and has no problems with air time is either a small dept. with few officers or very slow. A slow day here is 250 calls in a 10 hour shift. In the summer we are hitting 500-2000 calls. Even with 5 channels, 10 codes, signals, and cell phones we are walking all over everyone 90% of the time trying to get airtime. Not to mention what happens when city boy comes down south and hears "hey dispatch send me some troops down yonder, I reckon dem fixin to go at it." Gunna get interesting!!!!


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                  I agree with everyone having the same 10 codes. Any dept. that does not use codes and has no problems with air time is either a small dept. with few officers or very slow. A slow day here is 250 calls in a 10 hour shift.
                  There are things that are more apt to save air time than using 10 codes.......For instance, saying things like "At this point in time" when you could say "now". Or writing your whole report on the air to the dispatcher....."Radio, this is just a domestic, the husband came home to find his wife with another man and hit her and she doesn't want to file a report, so we'll be clear at this point in time..." Or asking the dispatcher what to do when you're the one on the scene......."He's got a warrant radio, should we lock him up or let him go?" What's the difference between saying "I'll be at lunch" or "I'll be code 10-???" The ten code is actually an extra syllable.

                  Or "I'm at Rosa Parks and MLK, HELP!!" Vs. "I'm at Rosa Parks and MLK, 10-??!!" Another extra syllable in the ten code for that one...


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                    ten codes are for aural brevity not secret squirrel, however, there are times they work for both.

                    There ARE National Ten Codes, the problem is, they are not used nationally.

                    Now, since not everyone wants to play, we'll all be punished.

                    Plain english is a PITA and horrible at times. Other times it's fine.

                    I wish they'd just say--here, there are already established nat'l ten codes, USE THEM.

                    Then when I go to work on the road for the dept I work for in the next county, I'm not using a different set of codes than for my FT job in dispatch.


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                      i think FEMA just wants to know what we're saying about them... :-)

                      but i agree, 10 codes (or 400 codes here) do take up a lot less air time (which can be precious in some situations) and there is no need to elevate a situation, as has already been mentioned, by using plain english. however, i can see the fed's point of view on this one and rather see a national 10-code set up rather than just doing away with them all together.

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                        Lord I hope not, how stupid would that be. Now, going to the NATO standard (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, ect) makes sense. The dispatchers would spend too much time laughing if they let people use whatever.

                        We had a guy in my academy class say "Chocolate Elephant" instead of "Charlie Echo" (my class used NATO) and it was funny as heck.

                        As far as 10 codes go, yes, a nationally mandated 10 code system would be nice, especially when you have officers deploying to areas like NO. I'm sure some of those officers are going to get into some sh.. and Orange County CA officers will be calling out 999 and Dallas officers will be calling out Sig 15. The backup from wherever will not have a clue what they are saying until the officers remember not to use their home codes.

                        Originally posted by nacorbier
                        FEMA/US Government leave someone alone? Ha. From what I've been told on another forum, they're going after the Phonetic Alphabet, too.

                        Yep. No more Alfa, Romeo, or Mary. Just make up a word that starts with B at the situation permits.

                        Can anyone confirm this?
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