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    For my Criminal Law class I need to write a research paper... I would like to study a crime from history (can be 1000 yrs ago, or 1 yr ago).... I am just wondering if anybody has any recommendations on a crime or serial crime that may have an interesting law and psychological aspect to it.

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    Stay Safe.


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    Can you be a bit more specific? Do you have any examples that your prof has given...any theories? Psychological aspects can hit conformity and then you can go with many different mass murders or mass suicide. I am not too sure what you mean my Legal aspect....
    I would be more than happy to help; I am just not sure what I can help you with.


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      you can do a interesting paper on arthur shawcross serial killer from WNY.

      he was about as wacked as they come and during the trial his defense lawyer tried to say he had multiple personalities and that he was even his mother on the stand.

      was as wacked as they come

      The prosecutor is now a federal judge in WNY.


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        Lindburgh Kidnapping

        there is alot of controversy about whether the guy who fried actually did the deed or if Schwarzkof pinned it on him
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          Hi,If I was going to do that, I would do a research project on the truck stop killer.A series of murders that have gone on for quite a while,that happened along a major highway that crosses America. It was happening back a few years ago and never was figured out to this day,as to who was doing it.I came up with a thought that maybe...Someone who was a sales man was making the truckers look bad by picking girls up and doing it as the truckers where leaving.Route 70's or 80's that goes through..... Washington,Utah,Colorado,Kansas and on.Trucks move slower and would be harder to hide ,but cars can be hidden and duck out in the lowest and darker areas and never be seen.They think maybe the guy who drove has left for a different job or has stopped driving for this has not been happening lately.I can't give out anything else because it is found on a site that I actually volunteer for and they have policies...I will not say names ect...You know the rules you do the same being in law enforcement.
          That has been a real interesting and thought provoking story in my mind and I would even put some ideas which I did actually on a second site!
          Also The Webb hill conflict in Utah is another good story...A body in a hill found by three teenagers,the body is said to be from back from about 60-80 years ago and they are still trying to figure out what led to this boys death.....Go to Webb hill.com and put your thoughts on this interesting forum...maybe there will be an answer yet!The only question that jumps up out of the blue to me is...Why there is no food products like rusty cans,bones,and of such around and why the body was covered by blankets and his personal stuff ..if he had anything was gone!!!It sounds to good like he was barried or left there to die.Maybe he was an escapee from an chinese prisoner camp or found a treasure and was left to die by robbers who took it and then knocked him off and left.
          I just got my signed book from Marv Balousek..writer of the 101 Wisconsin unsolved mysteries( about murders) and have not had time to read ..but can't wait.......I have a story he might want to hear someday.I would also love to be a cat and catch a rat!
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            You will have to find a crime and see how much is out there for you to use as resources. No sense in deciding on something and then realizing there is nothing out there. Narrow your topic down. I did a paper on serial killers in my Criminology class. When I told my prof I was going to do that, he smiled and told me to find my resources on serial killers first and then go from there to narrow the topic and decide on the theory I would use. OH MY GOSH.....I was in the library for hours just getting the call numbers for the resources; there was so much. Not all of the stuff was something worth my time to look at.....Serial killers is a pretty general terms and I got so many hits.
            What I finally had to do was choose a theory and then choose the serial killers I would write about. I chose the ones everyone knows about.....I was disgusted before I even finished the paper.
            First thing you need to do is brainstrom. Sit with a piece of paper and pen and just write out different crimes that pop in your head.....Seriously. Dont go back and change your mind...just write. When you are done...fill the page..go back and take a look and decide what you can weed out before you start looking for resources. This will take a long time, but it will make things so much easier. Once you find the sources, look at them and see if they will be of any use to you....once you find some good resources. Make your final decision what to write about.

            Fairly recent crimes wont have as much stuff. Old stuff will bring you the most because there has been more time to analyze. Heavens Gate, Jim Jones, Manson, Bundy, Gacy and the like are old enough and there will be oodles of stuff on them....psychological and legal.
            The Manson family murders will take you on a psychological and legal rollercoaster.


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              My favorite historical criminals would be Al Capone and Dillinger! I would start with information from my book.... Crimes of the Century.I went to visit Al Capone's home and that was excellent.I even asked them if I could metal detect there and of course they said no! I don't know about you guy's, but I will bet there are some ghosts to dig up on that property maybe even hidden treasure!I would then go visit Dillinger's,this would also all be part of my Theseus.Since my birth town was Chicago, I would investigate and write mostly about Chicago's criminals.


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                Originally posted by frank
                My favorite historical criminals would be Al Capone and Dillinger! I would start with information from my book.... Crimes of the Century.I went to visit Al Capone's home and that was excellent.I even asked them if I could metal detect there and of course they said no! I don't know about you guy's, but I will bet there are some ghosts to dig up on that property maybe even hidden treasure!I would then go visit Dillinger's,this would also all be part of my Theseus.Since my birth town was Chicago, I would investigate and write mostly about Chicago's criminals.
                I stood in a solitary cell at Alcatraz that Capone allegedly lived in before his death. It was pretty creepy. The whole island is fascinating.

                As far as history goes, perhaps a paper reviewing how crimes of the century had an impact on laws of today..would be interesting. Then again, Alcatraz itself is filled with plenty of legal and psychological detail. You could research the psychological effect of being isolated on the Island had on the prisoners and review the legal changes that have been made since Alcatraz was closed......you could find a lot of that, I am sure.


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                  There is always the BTK, and Bundy. The Zodiac Killer is really interesting too since they never caught him. Check out www.crimelibrary.com they have alot of interesting stories of various crimes of our time. Keeps me busy reading those while I'm at work.
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                    Here is an even better one,Chucks! I am not taking any police classes, but if the information I know of, could catch a killer, I bet it would be a thrilling end to a real story and would make a heck of a Theses for a story period.
                    OK, with out going into any detail this is what I would do.
                    A girl almost gets raped by a man,but she fights him off and he lets her go.(It was a very scary situation also!)then about a year later, a girl who lived just three miles away,on the same stretch of highway from that girl is found murdered and they never found the murderer yet..This is where it gets good...what that person can remember is that the gal who was murdered was found in a farmers corn field south of the town the first girl lived in...and is believed to be the same area this person talked about where they where going. Now being police the scenarios may lead no-where, but the evidence to me seems pretty darn interesting.The only problem is it was 25-30 years ago.Now since then, a few murders just 20 miles north of that town have happened and that was within the last few years.These are still cases that have not been figured out.I wonder though could there be a connection and if the first girl could get the name of the guy and see where he is working and what he has been doing or even if he has been hanging around the bars of the town 20 miles north and if this could lead to this murder.Maybe that wouldn't thrill anyone...but I would think it would make a good subject for a spell binding serial killer research paper...I wouldn't just write it, I would solve it to!Now call me crazy if you want, but one thing if you where in that persons shoes ..wouldn't you be wondering too?


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                      How about this/

                      Hey Chief,

                      Lets not stop with just the tattoos and weight loss requirements. How about making it a requirement for police administration to use Grant money given to them for the exact things they were intended for. I know you wanted to get the department that fancy Humvee(even though you left it the factory colors) and you decided it best if you drove it as your personal vehicle only. Ah, what the Hell, your the Chief. And how about enforcing a strict policy regarding what officers can take during a search warrant. How about just sticking to the items listed on the search warrant itself. I know officers could use a new power tool, I mean after all like they say, "These dirt bags probably stole it anyway". Funny, it didn't come up stolen when I ran it through CLETS. But what the Hell, your our squad leader and like you say, these dirt bags have nothing comming. How about we also enforce a policy to not destroy the dirt bags family photos while we are searching for the drugs the warrant ask us to search for. I know the dirt bag standing with his girl friend in the picture looks "Gang" related but it's not!


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                        Jack the Ripper!


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                            Originally posted by 4 Turns
                            Although I have no idea what Crush's post has anything to do with this thread to warrant resurrecting it, John Douglas has a decent book giving his take on a few notable old homicides. (It's decent because he actually discusses cases rather than filling a book with how great he is.) It's "The Cases that Haunt Us," and goes into Jack the Ripper, the Lindbergh kidnapping, Lizzie Borden, and some others.
                            I actually read that a while back. Now that you mention it, Lizzie Borden would be a good one as well. That whole thing was a real hoot.


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