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  • Police On Strike

    Officers in my department are currently taking industrial action in the form of work bans (eg not processing traffic tickets, not completeing statistical info etc), as we are seeking wage parity with other police forces in Australia. If this fails to sway the government, then strike action may be on the agenda.

    Have your dept.s ever gone on strike?

    Is it morally wrong to take such action?

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    I guess you have to do what you have to do, within your country's laws and Police regulations.
    The RCMP is barred from being able to strike, as well as being barred from being able to form a union.
    Usually if another City Police Force goes on strike, if its in a Province where we are the Provincial Police, then we have to go in and provide emergency services until the strike is settled.
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      Ever heard of the "Blue Flu"?


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        What is "Blue Flu"???
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          We can't strike. Not legal & not ethical. We have had some work slowdowns (but with some officers it's hard to tell) & blue-flu but not on a large scale. Good luck but remember what you're in law enforcement for.


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            The blue flu is when all the police officers call in sick at the same time. We did it in New Orleans at Mardi Gras time. They cancelled the Mardi Gras and everyone stayed out sick to Federal Marshalls served us to go back to work. I was lucky because I was out injured anyway at the time.
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              I am a NSW Police Officer brother. While I support your "lesser" industrial action 100%(such as "work to rule") I strongly fear a "police strike" will result in a terrible disaster for both the public and yourselves. Also recall what happened in the last police strike in Victoria in 1921(?)(i.e. anarchy on the streets and ALL police who went on strike were sacked and never employed as police in Vic again as I understand it).

              I ultimately think it is morally wrong and indefensible for a police officer to refuse to attend a "000" (911) call.If it comes to this then police who feel this way must look for a new job. It is as simple as that in my opinion. This is no ordinary job after all.

              Would I serve in Victoria to break a police strike? Not at all willingly, no. (anyway, we'd have to be sworn in as Special Constables in Victoria BEFORE this would be legally possible...). Having said that, if Victoria was descending into genuine violent life threatening anarchy as a result of a police strike (and I fear this is exactly what would happen if there was a full on strike) I would serve there if directed to.

              It would be the sadest day of my working life.

              I hope you can see this through and WIN what you clealry DESERVE without resort to this disasterous option.
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