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Illegal Immigrations and Local Law Enforcement


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  • Illegal Immigrations and Local Law Enforcement

    State and Local Police CAN enforce immigration law and do in some states!
    click blue links for source. please forward this information to all law enforcement agencies, media, and local and state officials.)

    With the recent tragedy that befell the Gardner family many North Carolinians are shaking their heads and asking why our local and state police do not enforce immigration laws. Indeed, there is an expectation among the general public that they would. Many are shocked to find out this is not the case.

    In truth, our state and local police can and should enforce immigration law with the proper political support from both the community and politicians. We estimate from other polls that over 80% of North Carolinians would support these changes despite the expected outcry from vocal pro-illegal alien activist groups. Alabama and Florida state and local police have initiated these policies already and more states plan to follow soon.

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    Federal Law passed in 1996 allows for local and state police to take action on immigration status. The Charlotte Observer continues to report that local police only check immigration status on crimes that are felonies. In truth, immigration status is rarely checked in North Carolina, even when felons are arrested and fewer still are ever deported.

    The situation is so far out of control that most illegal alien felons that have completed their prison terms at taxpayer expense are being released back on our streets without deportation.

    Most of the legal citizens in Western NC are just getting a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg for the first time. That iceberg is our illegal immigration crisis that is facilitated by our almost non existent immigration enforcement practices. They are shocked and angered to learn that NC only has one deportation officer for the 300-600 thousand illegal aliens currently in the state. If Time Magazine's estimates are correct, this number will double in less than 5 years which may overwhelm our law enforcement, state budget, hospitals, schools, and establish areas of gang rule in our fair state!

    Congresswoman Sue Myrick is crafting new legislation to address the problem, but we must reinvigorate our calls for the Bush administration to enforce the laws that already exist.

    Americans that have looked deeply into this issue know that the President needs to immediately retract the Border Patrol orders to Catch and Release illegals they intercept.

    The Bush administration also owes us an explanation as to why fines against employers that hire illegal aliens have fallen from 400 in 1999 to only 3 last year!

    The Charlotte Police Department is deporting illegal alien gang members. They have deported 141 so far and they are the statewide exception.

    Please read the background information listed below and join ALIPAC in our call for North Carolina city, county, and state police resources to begin apprehending illegal aliens that commit crimes and enforcing our existing immigration laws IMMEDIATELY.

    We have just received breaking news about 15 year old Amy Milligan. . When the public learns of this story as well, North Carolina will be in tears over another preventable tragedy.

    William Gheen President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

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    For a first post you sure have picked a hot potato.
    I haven't even bothered reading the content this time for fear of being lynched.
    Welcome to Officer.com

    Bobbycop will have no further involvement in this thread


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      Feds Don't Want To Resolve Problem

      I can smell a controversy coming. The Federal Gov't doesn't want to do anything about the borders because if they did they would.
      They want the cheap labor streaming in regardless of the negatives.
      It's not an issue you will see resolved soon because the gov't does not want it resolved.


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