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'The Shield'....whatdaya think?


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  • 'The Shield'....whatdaya think?

    Different comes to mind....
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    it's gonna cause more problems than it's worth....


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      it seems like the "dark side" of policing, well at least I hope so...you guys don't really go around killing your coworkers, do you? LOL.... I'll watch it a couple more times before I decide if I like it enough to watch it every week.
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        I guess this means it is a TV show. I guess I will have to watch TV besides the weather channel to keep abreast of these things LOL

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          OH, T.V.!!!.... I thought this was a safe sex thread or something!! Nope, didn't see it, I usually watch the History Channel.
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            I've had my doubts since they started running the trailers. I watched about the first 10 minutes and said, "nope, not gonna do it". Yeah, I know it's Hollywood, but there's no sense portraying the police, and especially special units like that task force, in such a negative light.

            They had the disclaimer at the beginning about the show containing strong language, nudity, yadda yadda yadda. They should have included:

            "The events and accounts in this show are completely fictional and do not represent the actions and tactics of the law enforcement community as a whole. Law enforcement is largely boring and tedious and what moments of pulse pounding action and adreneline dumpinng calls there are, is usually followed by a s*** load of paperwork. Enjoy the show".


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              Don't usually watch cop shows. Maybe, X-Files and Witch Blade, but they're not really Cop Shows are they?

              You know, sometimes there's nothing like a good ol'fashion Dragnet or Adam-12.
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                I haven't seen it yet. I was at work.

                Promos looked like there were some good interview and interrogation tips though


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                  Didn't watch it. Saw an interview with one of the actors & he popped off that it was "NYPD Blue on acid". That, and the rest of his cavalier attitude, turned me off to the show. I'm like some others though & don't watch cop shows much.


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                    You know, sometimes there's nothing like a good ol'fashion Dragnet or Adam-12.
                    Couldn't agree with you more! One of the only modern day cop shows that I enjoy is L&O, L&O SVU, and L&O CI. I think the original is the best. I know that they don't show everything, especially the paperwork, and I know that the courtroom situation is over dramatized, but I still think it is the most realistic representation that we have of the real life. I do think CSI is pretty cool, although they are usually never that thorough in real life. Walker, Texas Ranger used to be one of my favorites epecially when I was younger. At least in that show, Chuck Noris would glorify the good guys and condemn the bad.

                    This seems to be the opposite of "The Shield." Although I have never seen it, I have seen the ads for it. If a real cop did all of those things they showed in the ads, he would be behind bars for 10-20 years. I hate to think what goes on in the actual show.

                    This is why the public has such a negative image of the police at times. I find it interesting that the media is always quick to pounce on the police, but never on the defendant that more often than not guilty. When a high speed chase results in a fatal crash, it is often the police who are blamed because they, "didn't call the chase off in time." NO!!! It is the criminal that ran and killed the person, NOT the police. I'm afraid that just from the commercials that this show is going to give the impression that cops take pleasure in these activities.

                    Keep in mind that I have the utmost respect for all of you and hope to be working along side with you in a few years.

                    May God Bless you all, no matter what Holey-wood (As in filled with holes for the betterment of the FSC )tries to portray.



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                      I waited and waited for it to come on and i was not disappointed at all. I am hooked and will watch it till they cancel it. Which it will be canceled, they cancel all the good shows.
                      "To each his own"


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                        I am a L&O guy myself...

                        I saw the adds for it and want to see the show, but I am not sure if I am going to like it or not.......:insert raised eyebrow smily:
                        Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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                          i thought it was ok fiction up until the last ten minutes when he killed one of his co-workers.... didn't care for it at all after that....we get enought of the bad-cop syndrome from the media.....


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                            The Frog put it well-I'll watch it again.

                            Personally, I thought that they showed enough honest officers, and their negative reactions to the excesses, to keep the protrayl balanced. And it made another point: there are some truely sick people our there; the pedophile docter, for example. The corrupt cop was shown to have no virtues besides raw courage, while the honest detectives displayed equal courage, plus professionalism and dedication. The overall message was that the corrupt squad was the exception, not the rule.

                            Anyone who is willing to believe we go around fragging our co-workers isn't pro-LE anyway.
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                              I finally saw it last night.

                              I'll watch it again.


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