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    Just a reminder to everyone, if you ever are looking for a charity to support with time and/or money, or you have, or someone you know has, a child who requires specialized medical aid and must travel far from home to receive same, think about supporting and using the Ronald McDonald House nearest you or the treatment centre that the child will be going to.

    We have used RMH twice - the first time in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for 2 nights 2 months ago, and the second time this past week in Edmonton, Alberta for 4 nights.

    The Houses are close to the treatment centres, have wonderfully patient and caring paid and volunteer staff, providing a "time-out" for family members when dealing with the stress of their child's treatment. Families provide most of their own food, have daily chores to perform to help keep the house in order and pay a token amount per night (if they can afford to) for their rooms. RMH provides laundry and cooking facilities, some basic food supplies, as well as bedding, and ask only that you be respectful of other guests and not smoke, bring in liquor or other intoxicants.

    My daughter was diagnosed as severely-to-profoundly hearing-impaired in both ears at age 2, and has been wearing hearing aids in both ears until this past week, when she received a cochlear implant on one side.

    We will have more trips in the future for "mapping" and tuning, and her prognosis is very good. Being able to stay at the RMH really helped my wife and I cope.

    RMH, at least in Edmonton and Saskatoon, accept donations of volunteer time, services, goods and money.

    My wife and I met many parents who have beautiful children that suffer from far worse conditions than our daughter's, and we are amazed at what the children and their parents have to cope with.

    Just a thought.
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    This is the only charity I support.

    I pulled my support of United Way since they are so political around here. In United Way, each company has someone onsite/inhouse as a coordinator that gets awards and or recognition from UW at banquets for "encouraging" participation, but usually that person is high ranking or senior or upper management, so MANY mid level and entry level employees are INTIMIDATED into donating. Not me...I realize that MANY worthwhile charities are represented and miss out when I don't give, but I don't condone bully tactics, either by the mafia, a school bully, or my city manager-strongarming is wrong, even though I know they will claim they don't do it, or didn't "mean to" cause that to be the perception Lying sack-o-sh*ts

    Anyway, now that rant mode is switched back off...a buddy of mine had to use a Ronald McDonald House at Baptist Medical Center at Winston-Salem NC a few years ago, and they were GREAT to them. The room (suite actually) was a little on the small side, but ULTRA clean and plenty sufficient, and (I believe) was $5 a night!!!!!!!!

    He told me he had NEVER donated to them (neither had I) but that changed after his first hand experience.

    I will admit I have slacked off lately and not dontated, but I don't go to McD's either much anymore since I'm losing weight.

    This is, IMHO, one of the best charities in EXISTENCE!

    Shriners Burn Centers are another-we had a child that found a WWII hand grenade and was playing with it and it went off. He lost an eye and part of an arm. A few weeks later, some Shiners showed up asking for copies of reports and directions to the house. Ultimately, they paid for some or all of the treatment, a prosthetic hand, AND promised the family new prostehtics for the child as he grew. I'd never supported them before, but I've seen FIRST HAND (no pun intended believe me) that they in fact do what they claim to do.

    People like this are TOO FEW and TOO FAR in between! [Frown]

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      I think they are great also.

      I remember once I was trying to get a coat for someone at the Salvation Army and they wouldn't let her have a coat because she had one 5 months ago. I told them she wasn't all there and they should take that into consideration. They caused a big stink and still wouldn't give it to her. I had to get one elsewhere. I do believe, on the whole, the Salvation Army has been great but it just goes to show how the workers attitude can reflect on their charity. I have never had a problem with Ronald McDonald House.


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        Same here. Stayed at the RMH almost every weekend for a 2-month span while my daughter was in the hospital after being born 2 months early. (3 pounds 1 ounce)

        At that time, I lived about 45 minutes from the hospital where she was at. During the week, I worked my 8 hours and drove to the hospital to visit, and then drove home. I wish my old jackass boss would have given me paid time off for the Family Medical Leave Act.
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          Constable Pete--

          I'm glad to hear your daughter was able to be helped and is doing well-- I wish her continued healing.

          I have had contact with a lot of different charities over the years, and there are many in my experience that are labors of love by the people involved. Many times people get involved because they've been exposed to some hard thing personally, and know what a difference it can make to have help-- and know fom experience what kind of help is needed.

          God bless RMH and the many other groups of folks who try to help others!
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            It's also one of the few charities I support. I worked for a year at the Lucielle Packard Children's Hospital (Part of the Stanford University Medical Center) as part the Pediatric and Neonatal ICU transport team. There is a RMH right next door. During that time I saw tragic cases everyday dealing with kids, while having two small children of my own . Anything I can do to ease the suffering of those parents is worth every penny.
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              Eventually, once baby bunny and any other bunnies that may follow are in school a full day, I would like to work for a social service oranization such as those mentioned. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do in life, but when I finally decided what to get my B.A. in....I knew I just wanted to help people find help. I know when I was in the hospital, the social workers and social service staff helped us a lot...I'd like to do that with a little bit of educating. Perhaps teaching a parenting class for the Easter Seals or something liek that..we will see. I still have a lot to learn and I think baby bunny is a good teacher; it is amazing how such a little, helpless person can be such a good teacher; I just need to keep my eys and heart open and let her teach me.
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